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FabraCraft Inc. fabricates data center curtains for cold / hot aisle containment and is a division of AmCraft Manufacturing Inc., whose core competencies are manufacturing products that require heavy sewing and heat sealing services.


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Air Flow Management

FabraCraft manufactures air flow management systems for use in data centers, technology centers, cleanrooms, and other enclosures for many industrial and chemically sensitive air containment applications. FabraCraft systems create a customized, air tight enclosure around data server racks / aisles in a Data Center.

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Track Systems

FabraCraft air flow management track systems can be easily suspended from, or mounted on drop ceilings, plaster or drywall ceilings and truss and deck ceilings. We provide uncomplicated but effective options from lightweight aluminum ‘clip on’ style to heavy stainless track and roller systems that provide a wide range of attachment methods.

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Panel Systems

Data Centers are rooms created to house expensive computer equipment on cabinet rack systems. An enclosed data center room can be large, housing a series of many rack aisles, or can be a simple enclosure built around two cabinet racks. The size and dimensions of these room are flexible with the design and layout needed to install an air tight enclosure.

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Air Sealing Accessories

FabraCraft provides a variety of options to seal these open areas to prevent air leaks within the server racks. Foam air barriers are a soft vinyl containment cube that compresses to fill a void, or, rigid polycarbonate blanking panels are inserted above the servers, between the servers, and under the cabinet racks at the floor level.

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Data Center Design

FabraCraft’s design and engineering staff help you to visualize what your enclosure will look like with data center curtain panels. Our design assistance helps you to make informed decisions about your data center enclosure in order to create a functioning air tight containment center that is also aesthetically pleasing in your facility. Our creative team can provide 2D drawings or 3D modeling renditions to help you realize the data center design options, data center layout options, and installation options that are available.

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