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Ningbo Huayuan Casting Machinery Factory

NINGBO HuaYuan Casting Machinery Factory is one of China professionally manufacturer and dedicated supplier of various castings including Investment casting, sand casting and Aluminum die casting one.For investment casting, we adopt the method of soluble glass, complex shell, silicasol to make precision casting parts. And for sand casting, we adopt resin sand process to make grey iron and ductile castings.  huayan for die casting, mostly we make the aluminum or alloy aluminum casting parts.       We can produce castings with kinds of  material, such as carbon steel and alloy steel, stainless steel , grey iron, ductile iron, aluminum, brass as well as bronze.Besides, it is also available for us to supply a series of finish steps for the rough casting and metal parts,  such as finish machining, welding, heat treating,caseharden, plating, anodizing ,painting etc. Moreover, thanks to our many qualified suppliers for the rubber, plastic injectiong molding,spring, punching,stamping prouducts, that enable us to provide our customers the complete set projects while assembling the correlative products if customers request.        At our factory, quality control is an active, function of manufacturing. Quality assurance starts the minute raw materials come in the door and continues through every stage of the casting process. We achieve part-to-part consistency, so the last casting is the same high quality as the first. We work to ISO 9001:2000, a standard of excellence that is recognized around the world. To supply qualified castings with reasonable price is our permanent principle.  Dear customers, if you have any interesting to our factory, pls feel free to contact with us by email or fax. We can accept the files with the form of Pdf, Jpg, CAD, IGS, STP,Pro-E as well as SOLIDWORKS via email. huayuan soon as we receive your inquiry, we will pay much attention to it, and our experienced engineers will make a quick cost estimate to your inquiry, then will quote our competitive price to you at the earliest time.       We sincerely wish we will be your reliable casting supplier at the base of mutual benefit.


OEM Steel Casting Parts,High Precision Die Casting Parts,carbon steel casting parts,stainless steel

Contact Simon Sun
Address ShiJiaWan village, DongWu town, Yinzhou district,Ningbo city, China. 315141
Country China
Telephone 86-574-88166711
Fax 86-574-88166721
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OEM Steel Casting Parts,High Precision Die Casting Parts,carbon steel casting parts,stainless steel

Gearbox housing parts

Product's information

1.material:grey iron,ductile iron

2.process:sand casting,investment casting

3.drawings are welcome


Available material and process

1.Available material: cast iron,steel,stainless steel,brass,copper,aluminum,zinc etc

2.Casting(sand casting,investment casting,lost wax casting,die casting etc),forging,machining

3.Full quality contral system

4.Qualified inspector:provide best quality products to clients

1 material grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze, aluminum, zinc etc
2 sand green sand, sodium silicate sand etc
3 mahine lathe, CNC, drilling machine, milling machine, boring machine, planting machine, machining center
4 process sand casting, investment casting, lost wax casting, die casting, forging, stamping, machining etc
5 min tolerance 0.05mm
6 capacity 0.5~5000kg
7 surface treatment powder coating, painting, spraying, galvanization
8 standard JIS, ANSI, DIN, BS, GB


OEM and Customized Service

1.Quality guarantee

•  Chemical checking

•  NDE after rough machining

•  Machanical testing after heat treatment

•  Final NDE,dimension inspected

2.Quality document

•  Full Q.A document as per client request

3.Packing and Shipping

•  standard export package(carton/wooden case/pallet)

•  accept FOB,FAS,CNF,CIF door to door etc or customer designated shipping agent

4.The products showed on alibaba are just for your reference.


Dalian Ruici Industry Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer and exporter in Dalian  of China,

specialize in casting,forging,stamping and machining. Material can be ductile iron, grey iron,

cast iron, steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze, aluminum, zinc etc.

The line of products include construction part, railway parts, auto parts, kitchen parts and so on.

1.Main export market

•  Eastern Europe

•  Western Europe

•  North America

•  Mid East Africa

•  Central/South America

•  Asia

•  Australia

   long-term cooperated customer:Italy,Germany,Spain,Australia etc.

2.Company advantage

•  Guarantee/warranty

•  Product feature

•  Product performance

•  Prompt delivery

•  Quality approval

•  Service

•  Small order accepted


•  Drawing: we can translate your original drawing,offer best suggestion on design

•  Quality: we have full set quality contral system to guarantee the best quality.

•  Inspection: inspect in house,all our products must be checked 3 times before packing

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-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Injection Molding
-Motion Control > Brakes and Clutches

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CNC Machining Stainless Steel Milling Rig Auto Part,precision mechanical cnc processing parts,Precis


1.High precision CNC machining as per drawing.
2.Customized CNC machining products.
3.Small orders accepted.

Precision CNC Machining Services For Realtiger  cnc machining, car parts, steel, used parts, spare parts, made in china, drilling rig, motorcycle, 3d printer cn machine, auto parts, cnc lathe, welding machine, valve.



Material Carbon Steel, Bearing Steel, Stainless Steel, Steel Alloys, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Plastic etc.
Surface Treatment Zinc, Nickel, Chrome Plating, Hot Galvanized, Painting, Powder Coating, Nodize And Polishing
Tolerance +/-0.01MM
Mail Processed CNC Broachining, Drilling, Milling, Turning, Grinding, Etchining/Chemical Machining, Laser Machining, Wire EDM, Other CNC Machining,Welding, Fabricating
Inspection At Least 5 Times Of Inspection Processes For Every Single Part
Quality Control 100% Inspection On Critical Dimesions Before Shipped
Inspection Equipments Test Platform, Callipers, Inside Micrometer, Outside Micrometer, Micrometer, Measuring Block, deepness Micrometer, Thickness Meter, Hardness Meter
Production Output More Than 100,000 Pieces Per Year
Production Range Able To Produce With External Diameter 10MM-3500MM with tolerance of +/-0.01mm
Developing Over hundreds of new parts to be developed according to customers' drawings or samples
Packing Standard export wooden case with iron pallet for safety ship
Delivery Time 20-35 days after confirming the sample
Terms Of Payment T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal



Production Equipments

1. Vertical MCV-850D
2. Vertical CNC gantry machining-center VB2520
3. NC boring and milling machine TK6411B
4. OKUMA CNC Horizontal machining center MC-800H
5. Spark Vertical lathe machine KMC-2500V
6. Toshiba CNC Horizontal boring mill BTD-110R.16
7. Outer Circle Grinding machine
8. Gantry CNC milling machine
9. Grinding machine
10. Vertical MV-1300D
11. Plasma cutting machine
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-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Extrusion (Cold, Hot, and Plastic)
-Mechanical Components > Gears

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High quality aluminum die casting lighting parts

aluminum die casting lighting parts

1.Description of aluminum die casting lighting parts

OEM/ODM die, molds, molding, molds, tooling made according to customers prints, drawings, specifications or samples

OEM/ODM parts range: auto parts, industrial metal parts, machine fitting and hardware parts

Available materials: aluminum/zinc alloy, iron, steel alloy, plastic, brass, steel, stainless steel and plastic

High Strength


In making a forging, the metal is worked twice under tremendous pressures. 

First during rod extrusion, drawing or rolling and then during forging. 

The double working under pressure, compacts the metal, 

and produces a very dense and refined grain or fiber structure. 

The tensile strength of the parts is thereby increased, and resistance to impact 

and abrasion is enhanced.


Leak Resistance


The dense non-porous forged metal permits the designer to specify thinner sections without the risk of leaks. 

Often, the thinner forged parts result in lighter weight 

and lower piece cost compared to other manufacturing processes.


Close Tolerances


aluminum die casting lighting parts produced in a steel die with close tolerances offers several advantages. 

Overall part dimensions are held closer than in sand casting. 

Dimensions show minimum variation from part to part allowing 

for automatic chucking and handling in subsequent operations. 

The precise designs on the die surface can produce sharp impressions on the forging surface.


Low Overall Cost


Mass production of aluminum die casting lighting parts lends itself to maximum savings. 

However, smaller quantities of copper alloy forgings can also prove economical 

when specific design parameters must be met. These requirements include leak 

integrity, close tolerances, high strength with low weight, and non-symmetrical shape.


2.Manufacturing process of aluminum die casting lighting parts

Sand casting (iron or brass)

Forging/stamping (aluminum, brass and steel)

Die casting/vacuum casting (aluminum or zinc alloy)

Investment casting (stainless steel or brass)

Injection/extruding (plastic)


Available production processes: CAD/CAM service, expert plastic injection, metal processing, finish, heat treatment, surface plating, QC testing and packing

Available finishes: fine polished, chrome, zinc plating, powder coating and painting micro-graphic and metallurgical analysis


3.Quality control of aluminum die casting lighting parts

Advanced inspection equipments for rigorous quality and control and precise specification

Comprehensive engineering and manufacturing services for die, molds, molding, mold, tooling, R&D process, product design, test and measuring including shear

Certificate: ISO9001


4.Kinds of aluminum die casting lighting parts

1. Auto parts casting
2. G.E.T.(Excavator) casting parts
3. Mining machinery casting parts
4. Railway & train casting parts
5. Agricultural machinery casting parts
6. Forklift casting parts
7. Marine casting parts
8. Machining parts




Q1:We are the dealer of  in America, Can you OEM to us ?


A:Dear sir, we have a full experience about manufacturing aluminum die casting lighting parts , 

would you please give us your drawing?



Q2: I want to buy your products, how can I pay?

A :You can pay via T/T , L/C , WEST UNION  ETC. 


Q3: How can you guarantee the quality?

A: Experienced engineering team and Strict management.     

If You meet with quality problem, we promise to replace goods or return your funds.



Q4: If we can not find what we want on your website, 

what should we do?


A: You can email us the descriptions and pictures of the products you need, 

we will check whether we have them. 


We develop new aluminum die casting lighting parts every month, and some of them have not been uploaded to 

website in time. Or you can send us sample by express, 

we will develop this item for bulk purchasing.  


Q5: Can we buy 1 pc of each item for quality testing?

A: Yes, we are glad to send 1pc for quality testing if we have the item you need in stock.

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Castings - Ductile iron,grey iron,aluminium castings and investment casting&die casting


1.Material:Ductile iron,grey iron,steel castings
2.Process:Sand cast,lost wax cast
4.Aluminium casting

Casting - steel&iron

Aluminium casting

investment casting

die casting


We can supply all kinds of ductile iron, grey iron and steel castings with machining such as electromotor parts, valves parts, pump parts, vehicle parts, marine parts and other machinery parts, materials and technical methods are as follows: 





Technical Process


Ductile iron


ASTM A 536-Gr.60-40-18,65-45-12,80-55-06,80-60-03;





Green-sand moulding

Resin-sand moulding

Lost foam cast

Shell-core cast

Electric-furnace smelting


Grey iron


ASTM A48-No.20,25,30,35,40,45,50;

ASTM A126-Class A, Class B, Class C;



BS-Grade 150,180,220,260,300,350;


Green-sand moulding

Resin-sand moulding

Lost foam cast

Shell-core cast

Electric-furnace smelting


Carbon steel


ASTM A216-Gr. WCB, Gr. WCA, Gr. WCC;

ASTM-415-205, 450-240, 485-275, 80-40;

DIN- GS-C25(1.0619), GS-38(1.0416),

GS-45(1.0446), GS-52(1.0552), GS-60(1.0558);

JIS-SC410, SC450, SC480, SCC5;

BS-A1, A2, A5;

NF-GE230, GE280, GE320, GE370

Soluble glass sand moulding

Resin-sand moulding

Lost wax casting

(Investment casting)

Lost foam cast

Shell-core cast

Electric-furnace smelting


Stainless steel


ASTM-CF-8M, CF-8, CA-15, CA-40, 316, 304;

DIN-G-X6CrNi18 9(1.4308), G-X7Cr13(1.4001)

G-X20Cr14(1.4027), 1.4408;

JIS-SCS13, SCS 1, SCS 2, SCS 14A;

BS-304C15, 410C21, 420C29, 316, 304;

NF-Z6CND18.12M, Z6CN18.10M, Z12C13M, Z20C13M

Soluble glass sand moulding

Resin-sand moulding

Lost wax casting

(Investment casting)


Electric-furnace smelting


Alloy steel


DIN-GS-40Mn5(1.1168), GS-20Mn5(1.1120);

GS-37MnSi5(1.5122), GS-34CrMo4(1.7220);

JIS-SCMn3, SCW480, SCSiMn2, SCCrM3, SCMnCR3;


UNS-J02505, J13048

NF-G20M6, G35CrMo4

Soluble glass sand moulding

Resin-sand moulding

Lost wax casting

(Investment casting)

Electric-furnace smelting


We have special engineers and technicians who have much experiences in arranging production and quality controlling to track all orders and delivery time, and carry out products inspection. Our products have been despatched with all certificates such as chemistry element and mechanical property reports, physical characteristic and non-destructive detect reports if necessary ( UT, MT, PT, RT).


We are always ready for supplying any products to oversea customers with excellent quality, timely delivery, reasonable price and circumspect after service. We welcome you to contact me if you would be interested in us and our products.

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-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Industrial Assembly
-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Pipes, Tubes, Hoses, Fittings and Accessories

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Stainless steel casting home furniture sandless casting parts,shell mold casting,pouring casting

casting and machining foundry




manufacturer (more than 20 years' experienced factory)

exporter (export from 2005 year)

Main export marker

•  Eastern Europe

•  Western Europe

•  North America

•  Mid East Africa

•  Central/South America

•  Asia

•  Australia

Company advantage

•  Guarantee/warranty

•  Product feature

•  Product performance

•  Prompt delivery

•  Quality approval

•  Service

•  Small order accepted




1).Quality guarantee 

•  Chemical checking 

•  NDE after rough machining 

•  Mechanical testing after heat treatment 

•  Final NDE,dimension inspected 

2).Quality document

•  Full Q.A document as per client request

3).Packing and Shipping

•  standard export package(carton/wooden case/pallet)

•  accept FOB,FAS,CNF,CIF door to door etc or customer designated shipping agent


•  Drawing: we can translate your original drawing, offer best suggestion on design 

•  Quality: we have full set quality control system to guarantee the best quality. 

•  Inspection: inspect in house, all our products must be checked 3 times before packing


•  In-house Foundry

•  Third party inspection available upon requirement




1) our MOQ: generally speaking is 1T, but if your products is interested enough, the MOQ can reduce.


2) our payment term: for mold: 50% pay in advance, 50% within one week after sample approval


                                  for products: 30% pay in advance, 70% against copy of bill of lading


3) quoting elements: drawing, material (detail material grade), and quantity


4) can we produce other products? yes, of course, if you give me a drawing or sample, we can produce everything for you.




1) factory

casting and machining foundry

2) process

casting and machining foundrycasting and machining foundry

-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Castings
-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Cleaning and Surface Preparation
-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Industrial Assembly

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