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1MW of power inverter calculated in general calculations is per hour? !!!

What if we need 1MW of power supply for say 10 hours? 24 Hours? would you say its $1Million or even $3Million?

We are experts in designing and commissioning large sized power inverter.
I wouldn't deny the cost of solar PV has reduced but a $1 / W panels are not trustworthy for a solar plant life whose life should be between 25 years - 30 years!

There are many issues and technical attributes one need to look into before even arriving at the conclusion of the price.

PPA or Power Purchase Agreement is one aspect of working over the return on investment but what if we are doing a power inverter?
We currently in the process of doing the feasibility study for a 3MW solar power inverter plant for a builder for their upcoming township. The builder is selling the power generated to the residents in the township as a primary or even back up !
We have given a 7 years of ROI with the PPA , Carbon Credits and Subsidy in China.

The price of the solar power inverter per unit can reduce to less than $1 within 4 years or so while from the year 7 on wards it should reach about 7 cents! Howzatt!

In one of our upcoming solar pv inverter plant of 20MW, we are reaching the price of 7 cents per unit within 6 years! Of course the local price of power generation also counts in the ROI!

So to summarize please note the following in calculation or price arrival:
1) Total number of hours of power supply you may want from solar
2) Total peak load you want per hour
3) Autonomous power inverter you may need in case of Rainy or cloudy days
4) Voltage par you would want to generate so as to reduce losses of transmission
5) PPA if any
6) do you have any one who can help u in getting your carbon credits?
7) A source for you to manage your solar power inverter?
8) A source to ensure you get subsidy from the fed govt.
9) A technical expertise
10) A company who can manage or run the show for you ?

We have done couple of large power inverters on solar across the globe. We help in carbon credits too!


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Best wishes on your power inverter project. Hope with more Solar power inverter manufacturing in China you will be able to get moving fast with your project. Please feel free to get more details and this is given publicly with the idea of spreading Solar energy and Solar PV. Concentrated solar inverter is totally different case may also be ideal for your you have much more Sunshine hours/day compared to many other places.
You need people to maintain the Panels clean and maintain the inverters etc. Partial shading can reduce output. But there are methods to get away with this as well. I feel it is not necessary to go for costly software to monitor etc.
The space required wi;; depend on the amount of sunshine you have at the place and the efficiency of the Solar Panel inverters one uses.

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Solar inverter market

At higher Temp the Silicon solar inverters performance reduces where as the Amorphous Solar will work with less reduction in efficiency. Also these cells will produce energy even with little light available in cloudy rainy days and early in the morning and in the evenings. As the solar inverter Price is lower these type of Thinfilm Solar are the best for our countries like India and China.
There are inverter manufacturers who provide the Installation maintenance etc in US. Such companies will soon come in India as well. You have only to sign a power inverter purchase agreement so need to invest large sums initially You can only sell the electricity to the Grid or use it yourself and will be guard against any rise in Electricity prices from the Grid or in a place where there is no Grid and you will save on the costly liquid fuel which is not green and possibly imported... Also you will get the Satisfaction of Using Green Energy and helping the Government.

Soon India will also develop incentives for such power inverter plants like Tax rebate and meeting part cost of initial investment as they have a Plan to have 2GW of solar inverter by 2020 as per. India hopes to move from near-zero to 20,000 megawatts of solar inverter electricity by 2020, as part of the National Action Plan on Climate Change.

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