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Shot Blast Inc are concrete resurfacing specialists with complete concrete services including shot blasting, scarification, diamond grinding, and epoxy floor coatings. Founded in 1999 Shot Blast has extensive experience in the concrete flooring industry.


Steel Shot Blasting, Diamond Grinding, Scarification, Concrete Polishing, Floor Coating, Glosscrete

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Shotblasted Concrete

Shot Blast Inc. completed a concrete floor repair job at the Macrie Brothers Blueberry processing facility in New Jersey. When we arrived, the flooring was damaged, but by the time we were complete, the surface was shining like new. The shot blasting process removed the top layers of the aging surface, and with some patching and coating the floor was restored.

A concrete floor repair job like this consists of a few major steps:

1. Diamond grind old epoxy from concrete floor.
2. Hand grind all edges.
3. Shot blast the concrete to create a mechanical profile for superior adhesion.
4. Patch all holes and cracks using a 100% solids epoxy.
5. Apply a penetrating two component W/B epoxy primer.
6. Apply a High-Build two part polyester Urethane for superior chemical and abrasion resistance.

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