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Found in 1994, Hebei Chengrui Suction Hose Co., Ltd. has been regarded as honest and reliable manufacturer and supplier of suction hoses. To meet with the requirements on the market, many types of suction hoses are developed. They can be used to applications of delivery water, slurry, mud, sewage, fertilizer, chemicals and fuels & petroleum.


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Suction hoses are widely used in agriculture, industry, petroleum & oil applications. These hoses should be anti-static in case of burning and injuries. PVC hoses, rubber hoses are can be used as suction hoses. Rigid PVC suction hose has superior abrasion resistant and lighter weight than common rubber hoses. It is often used as the delivery of water, powder, mild chemicals, slurry, sewage and other materials which can be compatible with PVC.


Rubber suction hoses such as EPDM and SBR are used to carry fuels and petroleum with aromatic content up to 50%. Exterior PVC helix protects the inside rubber hose from abrasion and improve easy handling and dragging.


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PVC suction hose consists of a smooth bore tube and external rigid PVC helix that allows for easy dragging and protecting the inside PVC tube. Smooth internal hose at utmost reduce resistance of liquids flowing. Rigid PVC helix comes with many colors including white, black, blue, yellow or as required. The external helix contributes to safe dragging on rough surface and high flexibility.


Clear PVC suction hose make it easy to observe the material transferring along the hose. PVC suction & discharge hose is suitable for water, fertilizer and chemicals. It can provide full vacuum to up to 150 psi operating pressure at ambient temperature. End fittings like cam & groove, threads and flanges are available.

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Heavy Duty PVC Hose

Heavy duty PVC suction/discharge hose is tough, flexible and extremely durable under harsh working environments. Reinforced by semi-rigid and crush resistant PVC helix, PVC suction hose is extensively used in the suction and delivery of water, sewage, slurries and powers of agriculture, construction & industry applications.


Heavy duty PVC suction hose in green color

Heavy duty PVC suction/discharge hose


Heavy duty PVC hose has outstanding resistance to the ozone and weathers degradation. And smooth inside wall minimize frictional loss. Heavy wall and reinforcement makes the hose workable under high operating pressure – up to 190 psi.


Heavy-walled PVC suction hose can be supplied in straight lengths or coils. The longest for straight hose will be 10 meter. Polished aluminum fittings are supplied.

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Braided PVC Suction Hose

Braided PVC hoses will be subjected to both suction and higher pressure discharge applications over conventional PVC hoses. Textile braided PVC suction/discharge hose consists of three parts – external rigid PVC helix, textile braid reinforcement and clear PVC tube. Textile braid increases working pressure and strength. External corrugated PVC helix allows for dragging. Smooth tube surface allows for smooth flow and will not create excessive heat, which will degrade the performance of the hose.


Braided hard wall construction exceeds typical PVC hose and can be used in conveying chemicals, fertilizer, water and other materials. When comes to higher strength and operating pressure, braided PVC suction is the exact alternative.


Braided PVC suction hose with orange PVC helix

Braided PVC Suction Hose


Your benefits:


Textile braided reinforcement improves working pressure and strength;

PVC helix for easy dragging;

Smooth tube reduce heat creating;

Cam & groove, threaded fittings.

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Wire Reinforced PVC Hose

Spiral galvanized wire or copper plating wire reinforcement is incorporated within the wall of clear PVC hose. The wire reinforcement is specially designed for the applications where kink & crush resistance is of primary importance. Wire reinforced PVC suction hose can hold high working pressure up to 200 psi at ambient temperature and full vacuum.


Smooth inside surface reduces the friction resistance and make it easy to clean. Its tough PVC cover resists abrasions over rough surface and rugged conditions. The PVC tube is made from non-toxic ingredients meeting the specifications of FDA standards.


Spiral wire reinforced suction/discharge hose can be used in food, agriculture and industry, such as carrying drink, water, bear, slurry and other liquids or powders.

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EPDM Suction/Discharge Hose

EPDM suction hose consists of smooth EPDM tube and polyethylene helix construction in blue, red or yellow. Exterior polyethylene spiral contributes premium abrasion resistance, flexibility and long life expectancy for outdoor wet or dry applications. It allows for easy sliding over rough surfaces and easy handling.


Smooth EPDM tube has superior chemical resistance and can withstand extremely temperatures. It is an economical alternative of suction & discharge hose for slurry, septic handling, sewage, chemicals and fertilizers.


Polyethylene helix reinforced EPDM suction/discharge hose will handle full vacuum ratings and pressures up to 50 psi. Smooth EPDM hose is workable as a material handling hose, vacuum hose and ducting hose.


EPDM suction & discharge hoses are available in cam and groove, threaded, flanged, and other fittings.

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