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ZGTEK, the only one in the world specialized in filter cage welding technologies and the only one in China capable of supplying automatic ring making machines!

Jiaxing Zhe Gong CNC Welding Machine Co., Ltd. also known as ZGTEK Co., Ltd. is located in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, it's a partly state-owned enterprise. Currently the two focused areas of the company is filter cage welding and automatic wire ring making, the former is the traditional business of the company and the latter is the new market sector that the company has entered in recent years. Today the company's filter cage welding line is already of the 5th generation with all the advanced features such as bad weld detection, auto reweld, ring space compensation, etc. The ring making machines are of the 3rd generation with automatic size change, customizable welding parameters for different ring materials, etc. ZGTEK's ring making machines cover a lot of applications.

  • Cage welding machine for round, oval, star or other shapes (DLN series)
  • Top collar welding machine(DS series)
  • Bottom cap/pan welding machine (DX series)
  • Ring making machine (R series)
  • Butt welding machine (UR series)
  • Venturi tube welding machine (DW series)
  • Wire straightening machine (TZ series)
  • Bending machine (WB series)
  • Other assisting machines for cage welding
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Filter Cage Welding Machine
  • Very high welding speed, e.g. for a 12-wire cage, one ring takes only 0.18s
  • Automatic cage pulling, ring space can be set in the program through the user-friendly interface.
  • The cage pulling carriage is equipped with bearings, runs on the rail with linear guides, it's smooth and precise
  • Function of bad weld detection and auto re-welding
  • Material selection, different welding parameters for mild steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel
  • Auto compensation gives enough space to insert the ring when the ring distance is short
  • Ring space precision is 0.1mm; cage pulling speed is 0.4m/s
  • Rails and material shelf equipped and connected to the machine. The front end of the rail is adjustment-free. Good linearity can be achieved for wire cages
  • Four air tanks, short air route inside the machine ensures quick response of the cylinders
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ring making machine
  • High precision: intelligent "S" shape speed curve, the encoder and the servo motor form a closed-loop wire feeding control system, secure a diameter tolerance less than 0.13mm, eventually solve the ring precision issues inherent in the traditional mechanical or hydraulic ring making machines.
  • Advanced and reliable wire feeding: the feeding unit includes a high-end servo motor and a planetary reducer, works on the basis of "dual-drive".
  • Automatic ring making: sizes can be adjusted automatically, worker attendance is not required during machine running.
  • Compatible welding: capable of welding low, medium and high carbon steel, spring steel, galvanized steel; if equipped with a TIG unit, it can also weld stainless steel and titanium rings.
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