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TEA Machine Components, Inc. is a supplier of engineering trade components and products such as spline shafts, trapezoidal rods, metal bevel gears, precision universal joints, spiral bevel gearboxes and more.



spline shafts

trapezoidal rods

spiral bevel gearbox

stainless steel universal joint

guide wheels and tracks

precision universal joints

steel spur gears

steel gear rack

metric bevel gears

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Spline Shafts & Bushings
Steel or Stainless Steel
Bushings also in Bronze
Usual stock item
00001 30001/1000
Cold drawn unhardened C45 steel.
Standard lengths:  250 / 500 /1000mm.
6 or 8 keys.

Steel (standard), bronze or stainless steel.
Also available flanged and as a clamp style on request.
-Mechanical Components > Bearings and Bushings

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Trapezoidal Thread Spindle & Nuts
Hardened steel C15 or 304 stainless steel
TR10/2 to TR40/7 to 2000mm (available in 500mm increments)
Steel or Bronze round and flanged nuts - All usual stock items
Other sizes and stainless steel on request

Trapezoidal Vs. ACME

Please note that while Trapezoidal and ACME threads are similar there are some subtle differences and the nuts are not interchangeable. Trapezoidal is the metric standard to DIN 103, has a pitch angle of 30 degrees while ACME has 29 degrees and the diameter and pitch is measured in inches. While we stock Trapezoidal, ACME is available on request.

-Mechanical Components > Screws, Bolts and Nuts

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Spiral Bevel Gearboxes Types DZ & ZP
1:1, 2:1, 3:1
Shaft sizes 8mm - 35mm
Single or double output
Most sizes stocked
DZ and ZP Spiral Bevel Gearboxes are designed for industrial applications where rotary power must be transferred between two shafts at right angles to each other.

Housing - single piece aluminium alloy
Gears are cut on Gleason Hobbing machine to ensure maximum load capacity.  Nickel chrome steel gears with surface case hardened teeth for maximum service life, while leaving the tooth core tough and flexible to resisit mechanical shocks.
Units are manufactured with backlash tolerances to ensure perfect gear engagement and quiet operation.
Oil seals are fitted to all models.  High and low temperature special seals are available.

Selecting the correct type of gearbox is not simply a question of defining the power required in relation to rpm and the torque to be transmitted.   It also involves defining the conditions under which the gearbox will be used.
-Mechanical Components > Gears

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Universal Joints
Single / Double / Telescopic 

Steel / Stainless Steel 

Most sizes from stock 

Metric and Inch sizes available 

Matching protective bellows available
101L 01G 01GD 03H 03HD 411 01X 01XD
-Mechanical Components > Couplings, Collars and Joints

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Bevel Gear Sets
Modules 1.5 to 5.0
Steel / SS / Brass / Die-Cast
1:1 to 5:1
Custom Sets Available
K1100 - K1404 and KH0516 1:1 to KH101260 1:5
Metric Bevel Gear Sets

Standard Steel range:
 Ratio Modules 
 Part Nbrs.
 1:1  1.5 to 5
 K1100 to K1111
 1.1.25  1.5 to 5
 K1120 to K1127
 1:1.5  1.5 to 5
 K1150 to K1157
 1:2  1.5 to 5
 K1200 to K1207
 1:2.5  1.5 to 5
 K1250 to K1257
 1:3  1.5 to 4.5
 K1300 to K1306
 1:3.5 1.5 to 3.5 
 K1350 to K1354
 1:4  1.5 to 3.5
 K1400 to K1404
•  Material: Steel 34 Cr4
•  Pressure angle 20º
•  Many sizes from stock - others on short delivery
•  Can be made according to your drawings

Metric Bevel Gear Sets - Plastic - KH Range
•  Pressure angle 20º
•  Material:  Plastic Hostaform C - Acetal copolymer
•  Many sizes from stock - others on short delivery

Other materials available on request:

•  303 stainless steel
•  Brass - modules 0.5, 0.75 and module 1
•  Zinc die-cast
-Mechanical Components > Gears

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