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Shenzhen Wiitek Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, It has originally positioned in optical components development of new products and new technologies. Now Wiitek has three perfect product lines: optical transceiversdirect attached cablesand consumer electronics products.


Wiitek has all series optical transceivers with bandwidth from 100Mbps to 120Gbps. all of which are pluggable modules. Wiitek transceivers can be deployed in various applications such as: data communications , SDH, storage area networks , supercomputers and cloud computing and much more.


Wiitek direct attached cables includes: 6G/12G Mini SAS Cables,10G SFP+ Passive/Active Optical/Copper Cables40G/56G QSFP+ Passive/Active Optical/Copper Cables,120G CXP Optical/Copper Cables and high densityMPO/MTP cabling products. Each product series has unique technology and packaging capabilities.


Since 2010, Wiitek has been investing in integrated optical devices and optical interconnection solution for supercomputers and cloud computing system. Through its unique self-innovated technology platforms and optical engine patents,Wiitek has successfully launched several high speed cable products including 40G QSFP Optical Cables and 120G CXP Optical/Copper Cables.

Wiitek has key advantages: Advanced technology platform of array coupled device packaging and integration are the key advantages of Wiitek. With highly vertically integrated automated production lines based on MEMS system and perfect quality management system, Wiitek has been qualified by the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system and ISO14000: 2004 environmental management system, and all products pass a series of product certifications such as RoHS, TUV, UL, FDA.


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100g cfp-sr10,40g cfp-lr4,40g qsfp-sr4,qsfp aoc ,qsfp pcc, sfp+ cables module,10g xfp, 10g xenpak,10


¨         4 channels full-duplex transceiver modules            

¨         Transmission data rate up to 10.5Gbps per channel 

¨         4 channels 850nm VCSEL array

¨         4 channels PIN photo detector array

¨         Low power consumption <1.5W

¨         Hot Pluggable QSFP form factor

¨         Maximum link length of 100m on OM3 Multimode Fiber (MMF)and 150m on OM4 MMF

¨         Single MPO connector receptacle

¨         Built-in digital diagnostic functions

¨         Operating case temperature 0°C to +70°C

¨         3.3V power supply voltage

¨         RoHS 6 compliant(lead free)


¨         40GBASE-SR4 40G Ethernet

¨         Datacom/Telecom switch & router connections

¨         Data Aggregation and Backplane Applications

¨         Proprietary Protocol and Density Applications

¨         Infiniband transmission at 4ch SDR, DDR and QDR


The Wiitek Technologies GQS-MP400-SR4C is a Four-Channel, Pluggable, Parallel, Fiber-Optic QSFP+ Transceiver for 40 Gigabit Ethernet Applications. This transceiver is a high performance module for short-range multi-lane data communication and interconnect applications. It integrates four data lanes in each direction with 40 Gbps bandwidth. Each lane can operate at 10.3125 Gbps up to 100 m using OM3 fiber or 150 m using OM4 fiber.        These modules are designed to operate over multimode fiber systems using a nominal wavelength of 850nm. The electrical interface uses a 38 contact edge type connector. The optical interface uses an 12 fiber MTP (MPO) connector. This module incorporates Wiitek Technologies proven circuit and VCSEL technology to provide reliable long life, high performance, and consistent service.

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MTP/MPO data center trunk/direct harness/fanout cables

1. Overview

Combining 12~144 fiber trunk cable with 12F MPO/MTP and generic connectors, Wiitek’s trunk cable assemblies contain MPO to MPO and MPO hybrid types. Plug and Play Reels, Pulling eye are designed to be quickly pulled and connected to Plug and Play Modules and Adapter Plates. Customized configurable to precise application requirements, these reels or pulling eye are efficiently put high-performance, high-density fiber connections exactly where you need them.


2. Features

MPO / MTP connector or MPO hybrid interface patchcord. 
Available from 12 to 144 fiber Trunk cable, counts in increments of 12 fibers. Available in multi-mode (62.5/125, 10G OM2 / OM3 / OM4, Bend-insensitive fiber, etc.) and single-mode (G652D, G657A1 etc.) fiber types.
Generic connector interface available in Simplex or Duplex LC, SC, etc.
Customized dual shelf reel and pulling eye keep connectivity protected during payout.
Comply with Telcordia GR-1435-CORE, GR-326-CORE, RoHS.


3. Applications

For installation in horizontal patch extension from consolidation point to the workstation outlets.
High Density Fiber Management.
LAN/WAN Premises

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Direct attached cables sfp+/qsfp+/cxp passive/active optical/copper cable accessories


Wiitek QSFP to 4x SFP+ breakout Active Optical Cable offers IT professionals a cost-effective interconnect solution for merging 40G QSFP and 10G SFP+ enabled host adapters, switches and servers.


For typical applications, users can install this splitter Active Optical cable between an available QSFP port on their 40Gbps rated switch and feed up to four upstream 10GbE-SFP+ enabled switches. Each QSFP-SFP+ splitter Active Optical cable features a single QSFP connector (SFF-8436) rated for 40Gbps on one end and (4) SFP+ connectors (SFF-8431), each rated for 10-Gb/s, on the other.


 Electrical interface compliant to QSFP+ connector (SFF-8436) and

SFP+ connectors (SFF-8431)

Hot Pluggable

850nm VCSEL transmitter, PIN photo-detector receiver

Up to 100m on OM3 MMF

Operating case temperature: 0 to 70?

All-metal housing for superior EMI performance

RoHS compliant (lead free)


40 Gigabit Ethernet

 Fibre Channel Applications

InfiniBand QDR, SDR, DDR

 High-performance computing clusters

Servers, switches, storage and host card adapters

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Data Center sfp+/qsfp+?cxp copper cables accessories/mINI SAS Cables
Product Description
The QSFP+ cable assemblies are high performance, cost effective I/O solutions for LAN,HPC and SAN. The high speed cable assemblies meet and exceed Gigabit Ethernet, InfiniBand and Fiber Channel commercial temperature requirements for performance and reliability. The cables are compliant with InfiniBand Architecture, SFF-8436 specifications and provide connectivity between devices using QSFP ports.
QSFP+ conforms to the Small Form Factor SFF8436
4-Channel Full-Duplex Active Copper Cable Transceiver
Support for multi-gigabit data rates :1.0Gbps - 10.3125Gbps (per channel)
Maximum aggregate data rate: 41.25Gbps (4 x 10.3125Gbit/s)
Copper link length up to 10m (active limiting)
High-Density QSFP 38-PIN Connector
Power Supply :+3.3V
Low crosstalk
I2C based two-wire serial interface for EEPROM signature which can be customized
Temperature Range: 0~ 70 °C
ROHS Compatible
Local Area Networks (LAN)
10 Gigabit Ethernet
40 Gigabit Ethernet
High Performance Computing (HPC)
InfiniBand SDR, DDR, QDR
2.5 ,5 Gigabit PCI-Express Extension
Proprietary Interconnect
Storage Area Networks (SAN)
2, 4, 8, 10 Gigabit Fiber Channel
Fiber Channel over Ethernet
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Optical Transceivers 100G CFP SR10


¨         Transmission data rate up to 11.2Gbit/s per channel

¨         CFP MSA compliant

¨         Compliant to IEEE 802.3ba specification for 100GBASE-SR10 links

¨         Up to 11.2 Gbps per channel bandwidth,

¨         OTU4 compatible

¨         10 channels 850nm VCSEL array

¨         10 channels PIN photo detector array

¨         OM3 Multimode Fiber cable of up to 300m and OM4 Multimode Fiber cable of up to 400m

¨         MDIO digital diagnostic and control capabilities.

¨         compliant to CFP MSA Management Interface Specification, Draft 1.4

¨         TX input and RX output CDR retiming

¨         Hot pluggable electrical interface

¨         Power class 1 (<8W max)

¨         Operating case temperature 0°C to +70°C

¨         3.3V power supply

¨         RoHS 6 compliant(lead free)



¨         High-speed core router interlinks and data center aggregation

¨         Test equipment



The CFP optical transceiver module are a high performance, low power consumption, short reach(1m to 100m) interconnect solution supporting 100G Ethernet and PCIe. It is compliant with the CFP MSA and IEEE P802.3ba 100GBASE-SR10. Gigalight CFP SR10 modules offer 10 transmit and 10 receive asynchronous channels operating at up to 11.2Gbps per channel.

As shown in Figure 1, the transmitter side of the module consists of an array of VCSELs (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers) and associated circuitry, which converts 10 parallel electrical data inputs to 10 parallel optical data output signals and also converts 10 parallel optical signals into 10 parallel electrical signals through an array of PIN photodiodes and associated circuitry. 

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