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An Injection Molding (Plastic) Company

We have changed injection molds in 3200ton machines in less then 20minutes. But everything has to go right. And the people who changes the injection molds have to work as an oiled machine. We have filmed our injection mold change and then each handling placed on a timeline and replaced to find the best way to work. We do a lot of preparation when there is production so that everything is on the right place on the right moment.

Note it is not the time to undo and tighten the clamping it is the time for the water connections that put the time on if you do not have a quick change water system. If a material change is needed then? There are a number of patented systems on the market. Aco Mold for example have a quick clamping system and I have seen a number of in house systems that work very well. But it important to have a quick water change system and a system to preheat the injection mold. With preparation, planning and a trained team it can be done.


Plastic injection molding

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Plastic injection molding company

Today I had a technician from a reputable plastic injection molding company come out and spend all day on the bastard machines, tie bars were 1/8 of a turn off on 1 or 2 of the tie bars, and the plastic injection molding machine level needed very minor adjustment (injection unit end was lower), anyhow, all was rectified and we tried running a few tests after resetting the injection mold. I would have to say there was a hairline improvement which is impressive for the minimal adjustments made but hasn't completely resolved the issue.

The plates on most of the plastic injection molds have been ground now, and virtually all 21 of my dies have been split open and checked. Only things left to do is to coat the interlocks and replace the crap (CI brand) taiwanese tips with DME's or Mastip tips.

So far the operator side (wether being the twin cavity molds or a smaller single cavity mould) fills last / least. I've lost a lot of hair over this, if only I could afford, then I would have no doubt it would be the plastic injection molding machine.

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China Plastic Injection Molding

I concur that Aco Mold is good and will, in most cases, provide the results desired. The engineering of China plastic molding in its totality is critical to the success. I don't believe I saw your needs defined in the discussion so our answers may be drifting away from your needs. I will mention that if you are looking at a fine pitch mesh with a low torque motor then be cautious, small particulates such as solids in some lubricants will cause a jam.

I know you are trying to build an international business based on similar value (decent quality, on time delivery at a reasonable price and with long term cooperation for the plastic injection mold). What he is saying is unfortunately an attitude which now more and more also prevails in Europe (especially in it engineering heart land Germany).
Ones to often engineering buyers have been disappointed with misleading and upkeep promises ranging from different interpretations of what quality is expected (including correctly certified steels), changing prices, missed deadlines, charges for extras (which are normally included as a standard like CMM of components)...
This list can be extended for ever. More...

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Custom Injection Molding

Sometime we are facing the problem is small part but bigger tonnage, I am not sure how the product look like, maybe the plastic part is necessary need the high clamping force by projection are, normally we try to avoid that and adjust on the design. What can i suggestion is, you can try to use high speed injection molding machine with special small Nozzle Dia. screw and try to run as fast as possible, and normally special product need to custom make or design the manifold, unless the plastic injection mold is using standard manifold, shot weight not consider when injection mold make

If the exterior walls cool too fast the shrinkage will draw from the center to the perimeter walls. This will cause a void. A small increase in mold steel temp may help. The location of the bubble is at end of fill. This may indicate a venting or a flow entrapment problem. As mentioned PP is not hydroscopic, but surface moisture can still be a problem. This is more evident when the material is stored in silos. Just preheating just not remove moisture. You need a dryer if this is the problem.

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Injection molding process

You can try whatever you want with the plastic molding machine and the injection molding process, but if the plastic injection mold is worn-out even if you shim it the core will never stay centerred. As soon as it shifts to one side or the other, the lateral pressure will amplify the unbalance of the plastic injection mold. A small movement of just 0,02 mm (sorry, talking in metric system...) at the beginning of the shot would be plenty enough for creating the issue.

You are having an issue where the wall thickness is consistent on the plastic injection mold, but when you fill a part you get a different wall thickness (and flow) on the walls. If this is the issue then what you are seeing is (regardless of how well the injection mold is locked together) the core flexing during molding. Plastic pressure bends the core and fills one side first. I've seen this happen a lot on deep draw garbage containers. The solution of molding in holes so you can interlock a seal-off between core and cavity does help if done correctly. If it's done only on the bottom of the container I have seen the core cavity interlock shear off from injection molding force. It needs to be done at the side walls so that the force is completely opposed in a compression rather than shear load. Injection molding in holes may not be feasible for take-away containers. You may need to do flow leader wall thicknesses to force the plastic the route you want it. More from Wikipedia.

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