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Hebei Maple Fiberglass Industry Co., a professional fibeglass products and relative machinery manufacturer in the North of China.Our product covered from Fiberglass Profiles,Fiberglass Beam,Fiberglass Grating,Fiberglass Cable Tray,Fiberglass Cable Bracket,Duct Rodder,Cage Ladder,Fiberglass Handrail,Composite Manhole Cover,Fiberglass septic tank,Fiberglass Biogas,Fiberglass Fish Pond,Fiberglass Slatted Floor and FRP Relative Machinery as pultrusion machine,grating machine and smc sheet machine.

Fiberglass Profiles,Fiberglass Beam,Fiberglass Grating,Fiberglass Cable Tray Bracket,Fiberglass Fish Tank,Fiberglass Handrail,Fiberglass Slat Floor,frp pultrusion machine,frp grating machine,smc sheet machine,vacuuim infusion machine

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Fiberglass Pultrusion Machine

Fiberglass Hydraulic Pultrusion Puller consists of heating up and molding the FRP raw materials in the die, then pulling out the molded material continuously to obtain the required FRP profiles under the alternative operation of 2 clamped tractive pullers.

The machine is made up of the following parts: hydraulic clamped puller, electric heater, electric control box, pump station, pushing oil cylinder, clamping oil cylinder and optional device cutter, chopper and mixer. FRP pultrusion machine, with different kinds of moulds can produce different profile such as FRP pipes, rod, tube and etc.

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-Hydraulic and Pneumatic > Pneumatic Equipment
-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Extrusion (Cold, Hot, and Plastic)

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fiberglass grating machine

The Frp molded grating machine is typically designed to making the FRP grating. According to different grating designs, the machine has its own mould shape and size, however, the general structure is same.

This molded grating machine includes main three parts:

A) Grating mould

B) Heating system

C) Accessory equipments.

-Hydraulic and Pneumatic > Grippers and Actuators
-Hydraulic and Pneumatic > Structrual Framing
-Material Handling and Packaging > Plastic Pallets

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fiberglass grating

Molded Fiberglass Grating is specially designed by our engineers. It is an integral fiberglass reinforced polyester or vinyl ester grating in standard panels and sizes. It is manufactured by interweaving, continuous and thoroughly-wetted E-Glass fiberglass roving with polyester, vinyl ester or phenolic resins. It is weightless, easier to fabricate and install and first choice for several major industries over steel due to cost effectiveness and performance. It mainly used in floorings, walkways, operation platforms, stair treads, trench covers, catwalks, scaffold, bridges, etc.

Our MAPLEFRP ® Fiberglass Molded Grating’s integral structures, long service time and anti-skid top surface make the grating of an ideal choice.

-Materials, Chemicals and Adhesives > Composites, Textiles and Reinforcements
-Materials, Chemicals and Adhesives > Plastics, Polymers and Elastomers
-Thermal Management > Insulation

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Fiberglass Handrail

FRP Handrail are industrial/commercial railing systems for stair rails, platform/walkway handrails and guardrails. They are a critical piece of safety equipment that is often taken for granted in our daily lives. They provide extra stability when climbing stairs and prevent falls on a platform or balcony. They had the ability to provide the ultimate in corrosion resistance for aggressive environments such as offshore oil platforms, food processing plants, water treatment plants, mining industry for walkways and other architectural masterpieces.


FRP Handrail offers a superior solution compared with conventional steel handrail systems. They are fabricated from pultruded fiberglass and thermoset polyester resin components and molded thermoplastic connectors.

-Material Handling and Packaging > Ladders
-Mechanical Components > Brakes and Clutches
-Mechanical Components > Framing Systems

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fiberglass fish tanks

We take pride in our ability to provide a fiberglass fish pond to suit your needs no matter what the shape or size.

Please call us with the specifications of your project and we’ll provide the customerized Fiberglass Preformed KOI fish Pond size you need.

Our fiberglass aquarium pond are made using only the finest materials by designers and fabricators who scrutinize every detail of each project to ensure your finished custom fiberglass water garden pond will bring you a lifetime enjoyment.

Drains, overflows, auto fills, conduits, lights, and pumps can be installed in our fiberglass KOI Pond.Spillways can be made into any of these fiberglass fish pond so they can spill from one to another.

-Fluid Flow > Tubings and Fittings
-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Tanks and Vessels
-Materials, Chemicals and Adhesives > Composites, Textiles and Reinforcements

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