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Since 2008, TestWorld Inc. has been proving test equipment sales, lease and rentals to the aerospace, military, R&D companies, semiconductor and other manufacturers requiring test and measurement equipment. As a progressive and innovative team, TestWorlds’ experienced staff prides itself for staying in front of the technological curve to identify useful tools and making them available to customers when they are needed. Learn more at or call toll free – 855-200-TEST (8378) and learn why TestWorld is growing as the choice vendor among test equipment suppliers.


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Agilent Infiniium DSA91304A Digital Signal Analyzer, 13GHz, 40 Gs/s

Superior Oscilloscope Signal Integrity 

  • 13 GHz bandwidth.
  • 40 GSa/s on each of 4 analog channels
  • Standard 50 Mpts memory per channel, upgradeable to industry leading 1 Gpts
  • Includes Serial Data Analysis, and EZJIT+ software
Engineered for Unmatched Real-Time Measurement Accuracy
  • Industry's lowest noise floor at 3.37 mV at 100mV/div
  • Deepest jitter analysis capability (PRBS^23) and most accurate real-time Tj and Rj characterization for data rates at 8.5 Gb/s and below
  • Hardware accelerated de-embedding allows easy compensation for probe, fixture, and channel effects.
  • Pass Today's Demanding Compliance Tests More Quickly
Pass Today's Demanding Compliance Tests More Quickly 
  • Over 30 software applications for compliance, debugging and analysis including: SATA 6G, PCI EXPRESS® II, HDMI, Ethernet, DDR, etc.
  • Our industry experts in key standards organizations ensure that our tools include the right measurements every time
  • Predefined test suites and complete reports mean technicians can execute tests thus freeing valuable engineering resources.
Debug Your Toughest Designs with Confidence 
  • New User Defined Application allows for rapid automation of any scope measurement. Find and share user defined applications at Agilent Discussion Forum.
  • Customize your Infiniium oscilloscope using User Defined Functions, User Defined Application, and My Infiniium for more efficient operation. Find and share customization examples at Agilent Discussion Forum.
  • MATLAB® software available directly from Agilent for making your own custom measurement and analysis routines, user-defined filters, or instrument applications.
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GE Panametrics PT878 Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The TransPort PT878 flow meter packs big features into a small, lightweight package. It is a go-anywhere portable meter with a  rechargeable internal battery pack and universal power supply charger that is so easy to use that you can make your first flow measurement within just minutes of opening the box.

The PT878 is one of the most powerful portable ultrasonic liquid flow meters available. It measures flow from outside plastic, metal or concrete-lined pipes nonintrusively, so there’s no pressure drop, leaks or contamination. Patented correlation algorithms resolve transit-time signals like no other flow meter and allow the PT878 to measure flow in ultrapure to extremely dirty liquids such as raw sewage and slurries.

The PT878's built-in datalogger can store more than 100,000 data points and up to 32 sets of site location parameters. An infrared port transfers datalog, site and other files to your PC. Temperature transducers are available for measuring energy flow rate. The rechargeable battery provides six to eight hours of continuous remote operation. A rugged, sealed enclosure provides IP67 submersibility to protect the unit against water damage. 

The PT878 flow meter is available with English only or with English and a second language. Languages available: Dutch, Castilian, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, South America Spanish, Swedish.

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Agilent/Keysight E4448A 50GHz Spectrum Analyzer

E4448A PSA high-performance spectrum analyzer measures and monitors complex RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave signals up to 50 GHz. With optional external mixing, the frequency coverage expands to 110 GHz with our external mixer, and to 325 GHz with other vendors' mixers.


  • +/-0.19 dB absolute amplitude accuracy
  • -154 dBm displayed average noise level (DANL)
  • -118 dBc/Hz phase noise at 10 kHz offset
  • 81 dB W-CDMA ACLR dynamic range

Analysis bandwidth

  • 10 MHz analysis bandwidth (Option B7J for the Basic mode)
  • Optional 40 or 80 MHz analysis bandwidth to capture and measure complex signals.
  • -78 dB (nominal) third order intermodulation for 40 or 80 MHz analysis bandwidth
  • Up to 300 MHz analysis bandwidth for calibrated VSA measurements


  • Flexible platform with 16 optional, easy-to-use built-in measurement personalities and hardware options
  • PowerSuite one-button power measurements included as standard
  • MATLAB data analysis software for general purpose data analysis, visualization, and measurement automation.
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Espec LU-113 Environmental Test Chamber

High performance and reliability come in a compact package, for a wide range of temperature/humidity testing needs.

Continuing improvement in the design of constant-temperature (and humidity) cabinets now add ethernet connection, which allows you to control and monitor the cabinet remotely, from a pc via web browser.


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