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Klarm Rapid Prototyping China Company

Klarm Rapid Prototyping China Ltd is one of the largest rapid prototyping solution providers in China, equipped with 20+ CNC machines and other state-of-art machines for rapid prototyping solution and sheet metal fabrication.

Klarm is helping customers to realize concepts to by providing worldwide customers with a wide range of fast prototyping services including CNC machined prototypes, Rapid Sheet Metal Prototyping, Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication, Stereolithography or SLA, Vacuum Casting, Surface Finishing, Extrusion Prototye making, Reaction Injection Molding, Silk Screen, Pad Printing, fast tooling and Plastic Injection Moulding etc.

We are committed to serving our customers from a wide range of industries including Automotive, Electronic Appliances, Mobile Communication, Medical Device, Toys with high quality products and quick in-time delivery.

Finding the right rapid prototype manufacturer from China can be a challenge for most overseas customers. Fortunately, the decision will be easier by choosing a recognized leader n the field like Klarm.  With rich and reliable experience, vast capacities and new equipments, we provides high-quality, good solutions for your designs, prototype and low-volume manufacturing needs.


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CNC Prototype Engineering in China

Klarm Prototyping is equipped with 20+ strong CNC machines with biggest machining stroke at 1800×650×600mm, offering CNC milling and turning services to create prototype concept models for parts that require specific production material properties.

Also, we offer precision CNC milling and fast prototyping in China services for single pieces of prototype to low-volume manufacturing needs. CNC machining is a cost-effective, consistent and accurate method of producing prototypes from actual production-grade materials. This makes it possible to use many materials, including plastics and metals, and also undercuts and double bended surfaces are feasible.

Plastic material options: ABS, PC, PP, POM, PMMA, PBT, Nylon, PEEK, PVC etc. Metal material options:  Aluminium, Magnesium , Brass, Copper, Bronze, Mild Steel , Tool Steel, Tungsten and Titanium..

-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Custom Machined Parts
-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Drilling
-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Milling

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rapid prototyping factory in China

Klarm can offer a wide range of engineering and steel fabrication services,we’ve successfully taken on metal fabrication projects in auto, steamer, plane and other sectors. We also welcome those trickier projects that other metal shops avoid. We’ll gladly accept the most challenging projects you can send our way, and we’ll do them well with get-it-right-the-first-time accuracy and speed.

We are one of the leading rapid prototping manufacturers in China.  Our range of capabilities runs from Laser & Plasma cutting, metal folding, CNC punching,CNC machining, welding and finishing.  We have extensive experience in contracting to Agricultural equipment manufacturers, Quarrying equipment sector, Materials Handling manufacturers, Architectural Design companies as well as a wide of other manufacturers.

Let us offer our expertise and years of experience to ensure your custom metal fabrication projects get the highest level of attention possible.

-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Gear Grinding, Hobbing, Shaping, and Shaving
-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Grinding (Cylindrical and Surface)
-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Rapid Prototyping

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rapid prototyping services in China

Klarm's sheet metal fabrication workshop specializes in precision sheet metal prototyping, sheet metal fabrication production and assembly. Our sheet metal engineering team is one of the most experienced team for custom precision sheet metal fabrication in China, combined with our state-of-art equipment enable us to respond to all of your custom sheet metal fabrication demands with professionalism, fast speed and precision.

We produce sheet metal products from simple bending to precision complex mechanical assemblies. Klarm has created our rapid prototyping services in China for low volume production and mass production with high quality, competitive pricing and short lead time. We have been dedicated to being the most reliable source in China for custom sheet metal fabrication from all over the world.

Most of our machines we utilize in house for sheet metal are imported the most advanced machines such as:

-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Specialty Manufacturing
-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Stamping
-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Welding

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prototype machine shop in china

Equipped with the latest technology CNC lathes, CNC engraving machines, automatic lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, CNC wire cutting machine, hyde league CNC turning machine from Japan and germanyt, we ensure to produce a high quality and tolerance part for our customer. Our strict control methods offer excellent reliability and high standards of quality. And 100 % inspection is made before any product is packed for shipping. We also offer competitive lead times to support your business. 

Klarm is professional rapid prorotype machine shop in China, specialized in RoHS Directive-compliant stamped parts, laser cutting parts, high-precision CNC-manufactured parts, rubber parts, special sheet metal fabrications and OEM/ODM parts. Whatever you need, give us a drawing, a sample or just the description of your idea, and we will make the perfect prototype fast. Our project team will work with you to ensure they fully understand your needs, and only then will they begin allocating resources toward the development and manufacture of your product. Your goods will be designed by our engineers using AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and PRO/E software, so you know they'll be exactly what you're looking for.

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rapid prototype China

We offer a wide variety of rapid prototype China services ( including CNC turning and CNC milling). With the aid of 6 off Brother milling machines all of which are twin pallet machines and some fitted with 4th axis high speed Nikken rotary heads. These CNC milling machines are perfectly designed for the machining of aluminium / zinc castings with 50 m/min feed rates, and tool change times in under one second make R D Castings irresistible competitive on all of your CNC milling requirements. Within the range of CNC milling machines we also have a Brother 32A machine with the use of 26 tools and 2G acceleration in all axis with 3d CNC milling capability coupled with the 4th axis, allows R D Castings to undertake any projects that may be required.

Benefits of CNC machining:

CNC allows to obtain prototype in really material like Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Plastic, Foam,Wooden, Carbon fibre and so on. Using a rather big opertion record (800x1200) allows us to create even small series of large-sized prototypes

-Mechanical Components > Fasteners and Hardware
-Mechanical Components > Gears
-Mechanical Components > Screws, Bolts and Nuts

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Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling
Specialty Manufacturing
Equipment and components used for specialized applications. Some examples include wire straightening, lubrication, and the creation of extrusions, pultrusions, castings, and molded shapes.
Mechanical Components
Fasteners and Hardware
Components used to fasten or secure one part to another, such as screws, rivets, bolts, nuts, and clips.
Includes all power transmission gear types and reducers, geometry and materials, including English and metric designs.
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