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Klarm Aluminium Machining China Manufacturer

As one leading CNC metal aluminium machining in China company, our high preciseness edge capabilities cowl full vary of needs, together with vertical edge, horizontal edge, metropolis edge, five axis edge, high speed edge, custom metal edge, etc.

CNC edge is AN economical producing method to chop material in three to five dimensions to create the meant half form. owing to its smart capabilities and potency, preciseness edge has been the foremost celebrated precise machining service everywhere the planet.

While the CNC edge instrumentation provides preciseness and potency, our technicians will do Manual edge for jobs that need special massive size or repair, which can meet some clients' needs for full vary of various elements and components.

Our CNC edge services might apply for every type of metals and main onerous plastics, that embody metallic element, Brass, stainless-steel, Copper, steel, Iron, Bronze, metal, Titanium, Nylon, Acetal, cinnamene, Polycarbonate, Carbon fiber, Fiberglass, Acrylic, ABS, PTFE, etc.


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Klarm Machining is a professional custom Chinese precision Machining manufacturer specializing in design, manufacture, assembly, sale and service in a body. And our factory have obtained the ISO9001:2008 certification. The company gathers lots of R&D talents and international standard Management talents. With the best quality and competitive prices, our products have enjoyed good reputation overseas. Our clients are extended from China mainland and Japan to Europe, America, Russia and other developped coutries.

Operation Range
The main services cover CNC turning, CNC milling, EDM, stamping and bending,precision casting. With above 10 years of experience in metal parts and state-of-the-art technology, we have extensive experience and expertise in the electronics, optical communication, automotive, aerospace, industrial sensors, medical devices, mechanical component and sports equipments industries.

Raw materials we can process there are aluminium, brass, bronze, copper(including the oxygen free high conductivity copper), stainless steel, mild steel, zinc alloy, aluminium alloy, Kovar, Titanium, Inconel, MoCu, WCu,plastics etc.

-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Blow Molding
-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Custom Machined Parts
-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Electrode Discharge Machining (EDM)

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We can provide a full machining service for both metal & plastic components. Industries served by our precision-machined parts include fiber-optic communication, medical applications, industry applications, fluid control, automotive, semi-conductor and aerospace.

We offer a flexible, innovative business approach, including multiple-plant capability and just-in-time deliveries. It is known that every manufacturer is characteristic in its very specialty and no one can make everything. Since we have been experienced in the industry for years and formed extensive collaboration with others in the trade, we are able to identify our customers’ needs and help them in their outsourcing activities. Working with us, our customers can avoid unfamiliar plant situations and sometimes even cases with language difficulties. Especially we have an extensive cooperation with large inland enterprises which aggregate sophisticated technical skills and are equipped with advanced machines. Our advantage is to maintain a reasonable price but hassle free for our clients. Besides high precision metal machining, we can also take orders of molding, forging and pressing and stamping. Our expertise in working with our peer makes us the first choice for one-stop outsourcing destinations.

Our integrity and hardworking are paid off by a diversified customer base built up worldwide with majorities coming from China, USA, Canada, Japan and England.

Our systems are all specifically tailored to zero defects, on-time delivery, and superior customer service.

we promise our clients one-stop shopping through excellent communications and serve as your ultimate outsourcing destination. As a good china brass machining manufacturer.

-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Industrial Assembly
-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Injection Molding
-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Machine Tool Accessories

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We place an emphasis on understanding the specifications and customer quality requirements, the application of the proper controls and producing the part precisely the first time.

A high standard in quality is achieved and maintained by our strong infrastructure which included latest measuring instruments like Air Gauges & other regular measuring Instrument duly calibrated. Bore Gauges, Micrometer, Verniers etc. Having facilities of CMM, profile projector and Special test fixtures. Our commitment to Quality is the fact that all the contact manufacturing done at Gensun Precision Machining is certified to ISO 9001: 2000. With the most advanced measuring instruments and most experienced craftsman to provide global customers with highest-efficiency, highest-economy, and highest-quality products.

Quality Control Measures

- Total Quality management (TQM)
- Gemba Zanka
- Continuous Improvement Program
- Employee Training Programs
- Vertical Integration of Processes
- Investment in the Latest Quality Control Equipment
- Quality Incentive Programs
- Organizational Commitment to Quality

From Raw Material incoming to products shipment, we manage every step of the manufacturing process to insure products are made to the clients specifications, All products have to go through 4 checks in the whole process:

Raw material inspection
In processing inspection
Final inspection
Outgoing inspection

Insisted that quality is our first priority , and the implementation of ISO9001 : 2000, the standardization of our quality system and the quality stability have earned us the trust of our customers for years. Gensun Precision Machining can help you obtain the highest quality at the best price by outsourcing your manufacturing to China. Being one leading Chinese aluminium machining

-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Milling
-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Rapid Prototyping
-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Stamping

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cnc machined parts china

CNC Machining China means cost-effective precision machining services for your custom metal & plastic CNC machined parts. At CNC machining China factory, by flexible using of conventional machining and precision CNC machining, we can help you save the machining cost and increase your competitive edge. We are committed to provide you best machined products & services at most competitive prices. As an ISO9001:2008 certified and customer-oriented precision machining factory, we also stick to continuous improvement of our products and services.

What can we do for you? You can come to us for Custom CNC Machining, CNC Milling and Turning, Precision CNC Machining, CNC Machined parts or CNC Machining Parts. With modern CNC Machining equipments and automatic screw machines and many other secondary machining equipments housed in our China machining facotry, we can handle orders of up to millions of parts.

Why should you choose us? 1) Already served industrial leaders like IBM, CANON and Okuma; 2) Modern precision CNC machining with conventional machining means cost-effective; 3) Quite familiar with stainless steel machining. 4) Prompt response to you within 24 hours; 5) Sales quotation for you within 48 hours upon receipt of drawings or samples; 6) Devoted to be your long-run partner not just supplier. the best China CNC machining parts manufacturers.

-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Stock Fabricated Materials and Components
-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Turning and lathe
-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Welding

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With more than 20 years of experience in custom precision machining, we are committed to provide you quality products at competitive prices. And we can also handle secondary processing and sub-assembly work for you when CNC prototyping and production completed. Contact us now for your next CNC machining project. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

We take on the work from single order parts to multiple-part turnkey assemblies, single part order to medium quantities.The precision metal parts we made mainly be used in aerospace, defence, medical and automotive industries.

With EDM process, we can create parts that are to the prints with fine and great surface condition. Our Sodick EDM Machine is is Sodick Motion Control (SMC) for optimal spart gaps. High- precisioning along all axes, High-speed machining without flushing, SQ mode polishing.

Our secondary operation including Deburring, Drilling, Tapping, Sand Blasting, Anodizing, Hard Oxidation, Plating, Polishing, Grinding, , Heat TreatingSalt Spray Testing , Painting, Powder Coating, Screen Printing, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Spot Welding , Riveting, subassembly and more. the best China CNC machining services providers.

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-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Materials Processing
-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Reaming

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