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Brass Nuts Inserts

Brass Nuts and inserts have launched new range of CNC machined components and CNC machined parts using ZMK Swiss machines. They will be making all sorts of Brass nuts Brass moulding inserts PPR fittings Brass Hex Nuts DIN 934 ,Brass Bolts and Nuts ,Brass lock Nuts DIN 439 , Brass Panel Nuts , Brass Acorn Nuts Dome Nuts , Brass Jam Nuts , Brass Flanged Back Nuts , Brass Square Nuts DIN 557 , Brass Dome Nuts Acorn Nuts , Brass Cap Nuts DIN 1587 , Brass Moulding Inserts , Brass Injection moulding Inserts , Brass Roto Rotational moulding Inserts ,Brass Threaded Inserts , Brass Plastic Moulding Inserts , Brass Rubber Moulding Inserts , Brass Inserts for Thermoset , Brass Expansion Type Inserts , Brass CPVC Inserts and Nuts , Brass PPR Moulding Inserts Fittings ,Brass Bushings etc

Brass Hex Nuts DIN 934 Brass Bolts and Nuts Brass lock Nuts DIN 439
Brass Panel Nuts Brass Acorn Nuts Dome Nuts Brass Jam Nuts
Contact Ketan Shah
Address Brass Nuts and Brass Inserts India
GIDC Industrial estate, Shanker tekri
Jamnagar 361005
Country India
Telephone +91-22-43449300
91 22 43449300/01/02
Fax 91-22-22834046
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Square Nut
Square Nut Brass Heavy Square Nut Brass Helical Knurled Inserts
Brass Ultrasonic Inserts Brass Cross Knurled Inserts Brass Plastic Moulding Inserts
Round Knurled Inserts Hexagonal Inserts Brass Straight Knurled Inserts
Brass Male Female Inserts for CPVC Fittings Brass Self Tapping Inserts Brass Inserts For Soft Tubing
Wood Fit Brass Inserts Flanged Press in Brass Inserts Brass Press In Inserts
Brass Press Lock Type Inserts Griplock Brass Expansion Inserts Multibarb Brass Heat and Ultrasonic Inserts
BSP / NPT Threaded Inserts Brass Metric Thread Inserts Brass Teflon Rubber Molding Inserts
Brass Rotational Moulding Inserts Brass male female Inserts for PPR Fittings Tappex Type Inserts
Brass Wood Inserts Brass Square Inserts Brass DIn 933 hex bolts and Cap Screws
Brass Split Bolts Solit bolt connectors Brass hexgonal Bolts Fasteners Brass Anchor Bolts
brass-and-bronze-spring-bus bushing-metal-parts
Brass Cold forged Bolts Nuts Bronze Bushes Bronze Bushings Copper Bushes Copper Bushings
sintered-bushes phosphorous-bronze-bushes stainless-steel-bushes
Sintered Bronze bushes Phosphorous Bronze Bushes Stainless Steel Bushes
gunmetal-bushes brass-male-female-conduit rubber-metal-bushes
Gunmetal Bushes Brass Male Female conduit bushes Rubber metal Bushes
submersible-pump-bronze-bus Brass expansion Anchors brass-anchor-fasteners-brass
Submersible pump Bronze Bushing Bronze Bushes Brass expansion Anchors Brass Anchor fasteners Brass Expansion fasteners
brass-anchor-bolts brass-anchors-brass-drop-in brass-anchors-brass-drop-in
Brass Anchor Bolts Brass Anchors Brass Drop In anchors Brass Inserts for PPR Fittings
Brass NPT BSP BSPT Threaded Inserts Brass Water Tank Connectors Fittings Brass male Female PPR inserts
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-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Lapping

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Environmental Instruments and Equipment
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Grinding and Finishing, Abrasives
Equipment and products used for abrading , smoothing, or polishing.
Industrial Assembly
Tools, equipment, and supplies for industrial fabrication, assembly, and prototyping.
Machine Tool Accessories
Tooling components and accessories for manufacturing equipment.
Machine Tools
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Materials Processing
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