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Company profile
Founded in 2002, Farenheit Oven Racks Company, is one of the leading professional oven racks manufacturers in China. During over ten years, we not only have manufactured products, but also we have been engaged in modifying, updating equipment to match up customers’ needs. That’s why our company earns trust and reputation from customers home and abroad.

Various shapes of oven racks, barbecue grill nets and baking tray

Quality guarantee
Quality products at competitive price is the goal we pursue as well as what customers concern the most. Based on world-class equipment, strong technology strength, complete quality testing system, ISO9001 certificate, we guarantee that our oven racks are safe and quality-reliable.

Business scope
Our business scope includes oven racks,three-tiered oven racks, oval, round, V-shapedflat roasting racks, barbecue grills and accessories. These products are made of high quality stainless steel wires, carbon wires. The chrome, nickel, zinc coated surface better strengthen their durability and service life.

Company theory
Our company upholds the principle of “Innovation as ideal, satisfaction as guidance.” We strive to combine our working experience with innovation to constantly provide customers with uttermost satisfaction. Contact and we will serve and grow with you.


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Oven racks bake food in ovens and microwave ovens

Oven racks - 304 stainless steel or low carbon steel

Oven racks, or oven shelves, are a sort of metal racks made of 304 stainless steel wires or low carbon steel wires. Oven racks are produced through cutting, bending, welding with chrome, zinc coated or electrolytic polished surface. They are commonly put in ovens, microwave ovens for roasting cakes, pastas, meat, turkey, fish, etc. Oven racks are popular in home, restaurants, bakery stores or other culinary fields.

A round oven rack with three raised legs
A round chrome coated oven rack with three 100mm legs


  • Sturdy structure. Oven racks made from 304 stainless steel have excellent hardness. They can hold heavier food, not easily distort.
  • High flexibility. Low carbon steel oven racks are flexible and can be easily welded.
  • Rust resistant. The zinc-coated surface makes the surface hard to rust.
  • Heat resistant and non toxic. The chrome surface endures high temperature up to 450 degree F. It will not produce poisonous chemicals to harm people's health.
  • Versatile appearance. Oven racks can be shaped into round, oval, flat, V-shaped, three-tiered with or without handles.
  • Non-stick surface enables the racks to be cleaned easily.
  • Easy assembly. Oven racks are easily slipped into the oven along the groove.
  • Long life-span. Oven racks have a long service life-span under proper use.
  • Economical in price.
Oven racks Specification
Materials low carbon steel wire, 304 stainless steel wire
Surface chrome plated, zinc coated or electrolytic polished surface
Wire diameter (mm) 5.0 - 9.5
Size (mm) Rectangular: 900 × 600, 800 × 500, 600 × 400, 600 × 200, 450 × 350, 450 × 300, 390 × 320, 380 × 320, 380 × 340, 350 × 320, 350 × 315, 300 × 300.
Round: 230, 240, 250, 260, 270, 280, 300.
Oval: 300 × 200, 300 × 180, 320 × 225, 365 × 265, 380 × 260.
Temperature up to 450 degree F.
technology cutting, bending, welding, polishing
Shapes round, flat, oval, rectangular, V-shaped with handles or sessile
Package Wrapped with plastic then into carton.
A piece of rectangular stainless steel welded oven shelf
Rectangular 600mm × 400mm stainless steel oven shelf
A round chrome plated oven rack with four supporting legs
Chrome plated 230mm × 230mm round oven rack with four 50mm legs
A rectangular stainless steel chrome-coated oven rack
A 350mm × 315mm stainless steel chrome-coated oven rack
A double-layer stainless steel round oven rack with three supporting legs
300mm diameter and 6mm wire diameter round stainless steel oven rack with three legs


  • Used for roasting bread, pastas, cheese and other wheat food.
  • Perfect for roasting meat such as beef, fish, turkey.
  • Suitable for home kitchen, bakery stores, restaurants.
  • Also suitable for barbecue shelves and supermarket shelves.
Two chrome plated oven racks set in microwave oven
Two 600mm long chrome plated oven racks are set in microwave oven
A chrome coated oven shelf hold a box of egg custard in microwave oven
A box of egg custard set on the 380mm × 340mm oven racks in microwave oven
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