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Founded in 1998, Hesia Wire Fence Company has been professionally engaged in manufacturing and exporting wire fences. In response to customers' need nationwide, our company produces a wide range of wire fence products for various uses. 3D fence panel, 358 fence panel, double wire fence, temporary fence, pool fence and many related wire fences all fall within our business scope.



Technique support and productive force are an indispensable part alongside us during work. On one hand, our professional leading team guides us in producing technique to make sure all the products are made of choice material and are in accordance to the right production process. On the other hand, our diligent employees are professionally trained during practice until they become professional workers.



Price is always what customers concern the most and our company is making every effort to make price reasonable. As a part of our operating procedures, we are constantly setting the right price to ensure the most competitive price can be passed on to our customers while never compromising on quality.



Since the very beginning of this company, we have been regarding "quality as soul, credibility as policy" as our principle to cater customers' demands. We expect that friends from all over the world visit our factory and verify wire fencing quality in person. Moreover, we sincerely hope that we can pay more attention to establishing mutual cooperation and swapping suggestions and for further development.


Main wire fences including 3D fence penal, 358 fence, double wire fence, palisade fence, roll top fence and package


3D fence panel, anti-climb fence, double wire fence

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3D Fence Panel for Building Security Fencing

Galvanized, PVC, Powder Coated Welded 3D Fence Panel

3D fence panel is a type of welded wire mesh. It is made of high quality low carbon steel wire, galvanized wire or stainless steel wire connected to metal posts. 3D fence panel has V-shaped bending curves, which look modern and attractive. The sturdy and sleek fence panel is mainly used for security protection in construction site, residential building, sports field, warehouse, highway or airport service area, railway station, etc.


A piece of green PVC coated 3D fence panel connected to a green square post

PVC coated 3D fence panel connected to metal post


A piece of galvanized 3D fence panel connected to a square post

Galvanized 3D fence panel connected to a post


Green PVC coated 3D fence panel encloses a industrial building

3D fence panel encloses industrial building to ensure security



3D fence panel has easy structure. It is mainly constructed by wire mesh and metal posts.

Robust and sturdy panels will not sag or deform.

Resistant to corrosion, rust with galvanized, PVC and powder coated surface treatment.

Available in many colors such as green, black, blue, red, white, etc.

Smooth surface with no sharp edges.

Modern design with V-shaped curves.

The bending curves are available in 2, 3, 4 according to the height of the panel.

Large open mesh holes provide high visibility.

Easy assembly by connecting panels to posts with clamps, screws, gaskets.

Maintenance free.

Long service life.

The sports field enclosed by white painted 3D wire mesh fence

3D wire mesh fence applied for sports field enclosure



Industry construction fence.

Airport, railway station service area.

Highway enclosure.

Warehouse protection fence.

School sports field, stadium.

Garden, park security fence.

Residential site.

Agriculture security fence.

Animal enclosure fence.



Green 3D fence panels are packed in plastic bags with bandage wrapped inside

3D fence panels packed in plastic bags and bundled with bandage to ensure the safety


3D fence panels packed with wood board on top, fixed with metal plate, wrapped with bandage and plastic film outside

3D fence panels are packed with wood board, metal plates, bandage and wrapped in plastic film to ensure the safety


Piles of square capped posts packed with plastic film and several clips packed with plastic bags in carton

3D fence panel posts are packed with plastic bags and clips are packed with plastic bags in carton


Piles of packed 3D fence panels are set in the container

Packed 3D fence panels are set in containers for easy transportation


3D fence Panel Specification

Material low carbon steel wire, galvanized wire, stainless steel wire

Surface treatment hot-galvanized, electro-galvanized, PVC coated, powder coated.

PVC Standard colors RAL 6005 green, RAL 9005 black, RAL 5010 blue, RAL 3000 red, RAL 9010 white, etc.

Wire diameter (mm) 2.0 - 6.5

Mesh size (mm) 55 × 100, 50 × 150, 55 × 200, 50 × 200, 60 × 150, 75 × 100, 75 × 150, 80 × 160, 100 × 200

Panel height (m) 0.6 - 3.0

Panel width (m) 1.5 - 4.0

Post specification

Post style Post size (mm) Post thickness (mm)

Rectangular Post 30 × 50 1.0 - 3.0

40 × 60

40 × 80

50 × 70

60 × 80

Square post 40 × 40

50 × 50

60 × 60

70 × 70

Peach post 50 × 70

70 × 100

Round Post 38



3D fence panel Processing

Fence panel process Post process

Straighten and cut short the wire





Powder/PVC coating

Cut short the tube

Hole drilling



Powder/PVC coating

Rivet nuts installing

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Anti-Climb Fence - 358 Security Fence, 3510 Fence

Anti-Climb 358, 3510 Fence - Strong Welded Fence Panel Anti-climb fence is divided into anti-climb 358 fence and 3510 fence. The strongly welded fence panels have close mesh holes. The difference is that the mesh size of 3510 fence is 3" × 0.5" ×10 gauge wire while 358 fence has 3" × 0.5" × 8 gauge wire. They are specially designed as deterrent to would-be intruders, making it difficult to get fingers or toes for climbing. Based on the high security, anti-climb 358 and 3510 fence is mainly used in prison, airports, military departments and high security sites. Features: High strength welded at each intersection for high security. Rust, corrosion resistant with galvanized, PVC coated, powder-coated surface treatment. Anti-climbing. The small open mesh holes are specially designed to prevent intruders holding or climbing. Anti-cut. Robust wire and welded joints make cutting very difficult by bolt cutters and wire cutters. Easy assembly by connecting panels to metal posts. Durable and long service life. A piece of galvanized anti-climb 358 fence Galvanized anti-climb 358 fence with close mesh holes Galvanized anti-climb 3510 security fence with curves Anti-climb 3510 fence has galvanized surface and bending curves Anti-climb 358/3510 fence panel specification Material Low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, Al-Mg alloy wire Surface treatment Hot-galvanized, electro galvanized, PVC coated, powder coated Color RAL 6005 (green), RAL 9005 (black) Mesh size (mm) 3510 fence: 3" × 0.5" × 10 gauge, which equates to 76.2mm × 12.7mm × 3.2mm. 358 fence: 3" × 0.5" × 8 gauge, which equates to 76.2mm × 12.7mm × 4.0mm. Panel height (m) 2.0 - 5.2 Panel width (m) 2.5 Weld strength (N/m2) 540 - 690 Anti-climb 358/3510 fence post specification Material Hot-dipped galvanized tube Surface treatment Powder coated, zinc-coated Post opening size (mm) 50 × 50, 60 × 60, 80 × 60, 80 × 80, 100 × 60, 100 × 100, 120 × 60, 120 × 120. Post thickness (mm) 2.5 - 5.0 Color RAL 6005 (green), RAL 9005 (black) Post height (m) 2.7 - 6.2 Post cap 80mm × 60mm, 120mm × 60mm post with metal caps; 80mm × 80mm post with plastic cap. Process: Straighten & cut short the wire. Welding. Galvanizing. Parkerizing. Powder/PVC coating. Applications: Military base. Prisons. Industrial and commercial sites. Airports, railway station. Government buildings. School sports field. Public parks and utilities. Recreation and leisure areas. Other high security sites. Green powder coated anti-climb 358 fence encloses football court Green powder coated anti-climb 358 fence used in football sports field for security protection Galvanized anti-climb 358 fence for residential application Anti-climb 358 fence used for enclosing residential building

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Double Wire Mesh Fence - Galvanized and PVC Coated

656 Double Wire Mesh Fence and 868 Double Wire Fence

Double wire mesh fence, also called 2D fence panel, is a sturdy fence constructed by double horizontal wires and a vertical wire welded together. The strong structured double wire fence has galvanized, PVC coated or powder coated surface. It is durable enough to resist corrosion, rust. Moreover, it is usually used in commercial, industrial buildings, school buildings, hospitals, airports and military sites for security requirement.


The detail of green powder coated double wire mesh fence

Sturdy structured green double wire mesh fence



Stable and robust structure constructed from double horizontal wires and vertical wires.

Hot-dipped galvanized, electro galvanized, PVC coated, powder coated surface treatment makes double wire mesh fence durable and resist corrosion, rust.

Beautiful colors are available in green, black, blue, red, white, etc.

Various applications for all possible areas.

Simple installation.


Long service life.


Material: low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, galvanized wire.

Surface treatment: hot-dipped galvanized, electro galvanized, PVC coated, polyester coated, powder coated.

Wire diameter:

vertical wire: 5mm, 6mm.

Horizontal wire: 6mm, 8mm.

Standard colors: RAL 6005 green, 9005 black, 5010 blue, 3000 red, 9010 white or other colors according to your requirement.

Panel height: 63mm - 243mm.

656 Double Wire Fence Specification

Product name Mesh size (mm) Wire thickness Coating Panel width (m) Panel height (m) Panel weight (kg)

Double wire panel 50 × 200 Vertical wire: 1 × 5mm Galvanized; Polyester Coated 2.5 0.63 9.00

0.83 11.50

1.03 14.20

1.23 16.80

1.43 19.30

Horizontal wire: 2 × 6mm 1.63 21.90

1.83 24.60

2.03 27.10

2.23 29.20

2.43 31.70

868 Double Wire Fence Specification

Product name Mesh size (mm) Wire thickness Coating Panel width (m) Panel height (m) Panel weight (kg)

Double wire panel 50 × 200 Vertical wire: 1 × 6mm Galvanized; Polyester Coated 2.5 0.63 14.60

0.83 18.80

1.03 23.00

1.23 27.10

1.43 31.30

Horizontal wire: 2 × 8mm 1.63 35.40

1.83 39.50

2.03 43.70

2.23 48.00

2.43 52.00

Post Specification

Type A - RHS Post

Profile (mm) Thickness (mm) Surface treatment Length (m) Base plate Rain hat

60 × 40 2.0 Galvanized; polyester powder coated 1.1 - 3.0 or on the basis of the panel height Available Plastic or metal

80 × 40 2.5

Type B - peach Post

Profile (mm) Thickness (mm) Surface treatment Length (m) Base plate Rain hat

60 × 90 1.2 Galvanized; polyester powder coated 1.1 - 3.0 or on the basis of the panel height Available Plastic

70 × 100 1.5


Double wire mesh panels have a wide range of applications. They can be used in


Play ground


Sports field




Public buildings

Industrial buildings

Airport and military sites

Other high security sites

White powder coated double wire fence used to protect public road

Sturdy powder coated double wire fence for public road protection


Green powder coated 2D fence panel used to enclose football field

Green 2D fence panel is used for sports field to protect football going out of the fence and ensure people's security outside the panel

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Construction Site Protection Fence - Temporary Fence

Australia Temporary Fence - Welded and Chain Link Fence

Australia temporary fence is a kind of temporary fence constructed by galvanized wires and tubes. According to the producing method, Australia temporary fence can be divided into welded fence and chain link fence. These fences both have galvanized wires and tubes and they are sturdy enough to protect people's security in construction site, road closure, accident spots.


Two welded temporary fence panels are connected together and set on orange plates

Galvanized welded temporary fence panels set on the plates to ensure stability



Sturdy structured. The welded temporary fence is 360 degree welded between the vertical and horizontal tubes to make sure that it has increased strength.

Attractive appearance. Chain link temporary fence is chain link designed, which has sleek and beautiful appearance compared with welded temporary fence.

Proper galvanized wire and tube fence reduces corrosion, rust for durable use.

The two temporary fences can protect your assets and your security in public road accidents.

Quick and easy to install and can be easily re-located for any emergency.

Panel stabilizers are commonly used to ensure the temporary fence to stand stable against strong wind.

Temporary fence can stand firmly with supporting base.

Low cost, maintenance free.


Construction sites.

Commercial sites.

Residential sites.

Road security barrier.

Accident spots.

Sports field enclosure.

Places for health and security requirement.

Chain link temporary fence installed on yellow stay is used for road protection

Chain link temporary fence for road protection application


Detail of galvanized chain link temporary fence

Several chain link temporary fence panels are piled together


Welded Temporary Fence Specification

Material Galvanized wire and tube

Wire diameter (mm) 3.0, 3.2, 3.5, 4.0

Mesh size (mm) 50 × 100, 50 × 150, 60 × 150, 70 × 150, 75 × 75, 75 × 150, 100 × 250.

Panel size (H × L) (m) 1.8 × 2.3, 1.8 × 2.4, 1.8 × 2.9, 2.0 × 3.4, 2.1 × 2.4, 2.1 × 2.9, 2.1 × 3.3, 2.25 × 2.4.

Pipe diameter (mm) 32, 41, 50

Pipe thickness (mm) 1.5, 2.0

Surface treatment Hot-dipped galvanized finish

Producing process Process of wire Process of tube

Material - straighten - cutting - welded on frame - galvanized (450grm per square meter) - packing Material - cutting - welded with panel - galvanized (450grm per square) - packing


Put a plastic film at the bottom of panel to protect the first panel from being destroyed by pallet.

Use metal strip to tighten and paperboard under the metal strip to avoid panels being crushed by strip.

Accessories: plastic bags and carton box


Temporary fence feet Plastic Temporary fence feet (L × W × H) (mm) 600 × 228 × 150, 600 × 220 × 150, 560 × 245 × 130, 570 × 245 × 130, 580 × 245 × 130.

Color: Red, blue, orange, yellow, etc.

Temporary fence clamps Used to secure the panels together

Temporary fence stays Used to strengthen fence panel in strong wind

Chain Link Temporary Fence Specification

Material Galvanized wire and tube

Surface treatment Hot-dipped galvanized

Wire diameter (mm) 2.5

Mesh size (mm) 50 × 50, 60 × 60.

Panel size (H × L) (m) 2.1 × 2.4 (regular size), 1.8 × 2.4, 1.8 × 2.9, 2.25 × 2.4, 2.1 × 2.6, 2.1 × 3.3

Pipe diameter (mm) 25, 32, 40, 42, 48.

Pipe thickness (mm) 2.0, 2.2, 2.3, 2.5, 2.75, etc.

Packing Pack with plastic film and steel pallet.


Standing feet Plastic feet (600 × 228 × 150) or bar metal feet and others according to your needs.

Clamps Galvanized metal clamps used to secure the panels together

Temporary fence stays Galvanized stays used to strengthen the fence in heavy wind



Orange and yellow Australia temporary fence feet

Colorful Australia temporary fence feet


Temporary fence stay installed to welded fence panel

Temporary fence stay strengthens fence panel in strong wind


Two galvanized temporary fence panels are connected by clamps

Welded temporary fence clamps fix fence panels


Piles of temporary fences are highly packed with strips

Temporary fences packed with strips before delivery

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Welded and Colorful Canada Temporary Fence

Canada Temporary Fence - Zinc, PVC, Powder Coated Surface

Canada temporary fence is a type of temporary fence that is different from Australia temporary fence. Canada temporary fence is constructed by low carbon steel wire and tube. It is a welded wire fence with PVC or powder coated surface. Canada temporary fence is widely used as security perimeter in construction, industry, road and other applications where there is a need for rapid separation of the road.


Red PVC coated Canada temporary fence set on yellow base plates

Canada temporary fence with top connectors for connecting fence panels and the base plates make the fence stand firm



Durable and strong structure. Canada temporary fence is a welded fence. The wires and tubes are firmly welded together to ensure the fence safe.

Anti-rust and anti-corrosion due to PVC, powder coated surface.

Easy to erect and take down when emergency happens.

Beautiful colors. Canada temporary fence has colorful surface, such as red, blue, yellow, green. The colors make the fence look beautiful and sleek.

Suitable application in harsh environment even though on rugged land.

Stand firmly with temporary fence feet.

Flexible and reuse.

Low maintenance.


Construction building working site.

School safety enclosure.

Crowd control.

Fire damaged and accident site.

Swimming pool enclosure.

Festival, concert, parades and sporting events.

Canada Temporary Fence Specification

Material Low carbon steel wire Q195, Q235; galvanized tube.

Surface treatment Hot-dipped galvanized, electro galvanized, polyester, PVC, powder coated

Wire diameter (mm) 3.0 - 6.0

Mesh size (mm) 50 × 100, 60 × 150, 75 × 150, etc.

Panel size (m) 1.2 × 2.4, 1.8 × 2.4, 1.8 × 2.8, 1.8 × 3.0, 2.4 × 3.0.

Vertical pipe diameter (mm) 30, 25.

Horizontal pipe diameter (mm) 20, 25.

Pipe thickness (mm) 1.2, 1.5, 2.0

Color Blue, yellow, green, red, orange, etc.


Base plate Size (L × W × H) (mm): 600 × 100 × 6, 760 × 120 × 6, 863 × 80 × 6.

Top connector Round and tubular T-type top connector is convenient to insert legs into fence


There is rubber mat at the bottom of the pallet to avoid the pallet destroyed the panels.

There is 4 metal corners to keep the pallet more strong.

There is metal plate under the plastic bandage to reduce the pressure of fence panels.

There is wooden plate at the top of fence panel which can protect the fence panels from being crushed by other pallets.



Three green Canada temporary fence top connectors on the bubble bag

Three green top connectors help to connect temporary fence panels


Four yellow steel base plates with two packed with plastic films and two stands on the ground

Canada temporary fencing base plates for supporting panels


Several standing blue powder coated Canada temporary fence

Blue powder coated Canada temporary fence panels


Yellow Canada temporary fence panels are packed in truck

Canada temporary fence panels are packed in a truck

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