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Fluta Range Hood Filter Company, established in 2002, is a top-level company involved in supplying and sellingbaffle range hood filtershoneycomb range hood filters, etc. Our company has been focusing attention on providing our customers with superb range hood filters to make sure they have clean and safe kitchen environment. More importantly, the products require strict quality supervision, so our range hood filters are strictly checked by a team of controllers. Our range hood filters have been welcomed by customers and sold in many countries for a long time.

Baffle range hood filter, honeycomb range hood filter, mesh grease filter, perforated filter and round grease filter

Our principle
Our principle is to insist "Customers the first, service uppermost". We believe that customers' satisfaction is a criterion to measure the quality of each department, each worker. We constantly carry out technological innovation and update the products to meet the demands of consumers.

Responsible employees
Every employee plays a key role in the company and we aim to make them become responsible workers. Anyone that has no responsibility, complain all the time is hard to set their feet on the society, not to mention a successful career. So we constantly train the employees to have a sense of loyalty, mission, responsibility to fulfill their duties.

Our mission
According to the standard management system, we will gradually standardize each management activity to realize the integration of liability, rights and benefits among various departments. We will also make endeavor to form a complete decision-making mechanism, incentive mechanism and restraint mechanism in the long run.


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Baffle Range Hood Filters Absorb Oil Smoke and Prevent Fire

Baffle Range Hood Filter - Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Galvanized Steel

Baffle range hood filter, also called baffle grease filter or grease baffle filter, is a kind of range hood filter in a range hood ventilation system. Baffle range hood filter is made of aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized steel. The layers of roll-formed baffles are designed to catch oil smoke, prevent oil and flame, making the kitchen clean and safe. Baffle range hood filter has a highly effective (approx. 94%) oil smoke purification and fireproof function. Three or more hood filters are needed in a range hood and they are widely used in domestic kitchen, kitchens in restaurant, dining hall in government, school, etc.

A stainless steel baffle grease filter fixed by sturdy frames with rivets
495mm W × 495mm H × 48mm D stainless steel baffle grease filter
An aluminum baffle grease filter has handles on both vertical sides of the frame for easy assembly and removal
406mm W × 254mm H × 50mm D aluminum baffle grease filter has two handles for convenient removal and holes on frame for easy catching oil
Detailed structure of aluminum baffle range hood filter handle welded in the middle of the frame
The handle welded on the frame provides convenience for range hood filter assembly and disassembly
A detailed display of sturdy stainless steel baffle range hood filter frame
The sturdy range hood filter frame stabilizes range hood filters


Galvanized steel grease baffle filter with two layers of baffles resists corrosion, rust. And it eliminates oil and flame as well.
609mm W × 609 H × 50mm D galvanized steel grease baffle filter withstands high temperature in harsh conditions
  • Baffle range hood filter is made of stainless steel, heavy duty aluminum steel or galvanized steel. The rigid structure ensures the filter durable.
  • Stainless steel grease filter has anti-corrosion, anti-rust, easy-to-wash property.
  • Aluminum grease filter is lighter for easy handling.
  • Galvanized grease filter has smooth surface and won't stain.
  • Withstand high temperature ranging from 250°F to 700°F.
  • High efficient oil smoke purification and fireproof function.
  • Baffle-design filters accelerate the oil smoke flow speed and prevent oil dripping into the food.
  • The baffle style filter is beautiful and sleek.
  • Standard size of filters fit into standard range hoods.
  • Easy to install and remove from the range hood with handles.
  • Easy to wash with brush and detergent in hot water.
  • Environmentally friendly and energy efficient.
  • Low maintenance and economical in price.
Baffle Range Hood Filter Specification
Material stainless steel 201/304/430, aluminum, galvanized steel.
Thickness 0.4mm - 0.5mm
Rated airflow (m3/second) 1.2 - 1.8
Temperature endurance 250°F, 450°F, 900°F
Normal size (W × H × D) (mm) 390 × 390 × 48, 395 × 395 × 48, 395 × 495 × 48, 406 × 254 × 50, 406 × 305 × 48, 406 × 406 × 48, 406 × 508 × 48, 406 × 635 × 48, 490 × 490 × 48, 495 × 495 × 48, 495 × 395 × 48, 495 × 395 × 45, 500 × 500 × 25, 500 × 500 × 30, 500 × 500 × 48, 508 × 254 × 48, 508 × 406 × 48, 508 × 635 × 50, 508 × 635 × 48, 609 × 609 × 50, 625 × 395 × 48, 625 × 495 × 48, 635 × 508 × 48, 635 × 406 × 48, etc.
Weight (kg) (according to the size) 2.49, 2.72, 2.95, 3.18, 3.63, 3.86, 4.65, 5.22, 5.44.
  1. Packed in a waterproof polybag then into carton with 5 - 6 pieces.
  2. Wrapped with fixed belt.
  3. Then load them onto a pallet with 20 - 30 boxes.
  4. Set in the container.
Baffle grease filters are wrapped in polybag, then they are put into the carton and closed by fixed belt
Strict packaging ensures baffle grease filter's safety

Baffle grease filter consists of two layers of stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized steel V-shaped baffles and fixed by sturdy frame with heavy rivets. Baffle grease filter can also be constructed with handles for easy removal. The handles are available in lock type handle, bail handle and rigid handle.

A sketch that displays lock-handle, bail-handle and rigid handle respectively
Three kinds of handles are used for assembling and removing range hood filters

When the air goes through the V-baffle system, it undergoes a series of compression, expansions and pressure changes. The heavy grease is deposited safely and quickly on the baffles while the grease-free air passes through the filter and up to the exhaust duct. The baffle's smooth surface enables the collected grease to run off into collection troughs without dripping on food, utensils or burner surfaces.

The baffle grease filter needs cleaning regularly to make sure it works well. It can be soaked in hot water and washed using detergent, or can be washed in the dishwasher.

Baffle range hood filter is mainly installed to range hood system widely applied in domestic kitchen, restaurant kitchen, dining halls in government, school and many places where there are kitchens.

A range hood with three stainless steel baffle grease filters are used in kitchen
Baffle grease filters are installed on the range hood to catch oil smoke in kitchen
Several handled grease baffle filters come in line to work in restaurant kitchen
Many grease baffle filters work together to ensure the air clean and prevent fire
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Honeycomb Range Hood Filter for Catching Oil Smoke

Stainless Steel and Aluminum Honeycomb Range Hood Filter

Honeycomb range hood filter, or honeycomb grease filter, is commonly used in kitchen range hood ventilation system for catching oil smoke. Meanwhile, the air purification gets improved. Honeycomb range hood consists of honeycomb-design curved channel, inner aluminum foil strips and outer sturdy frame. In general, honeycomb range hood filter is mainly classified into stainless steel honeycomb filter and aluminum honeycomb filter. Stainless steel honeycomb grease filter has sturdy structure and can endures high temperature, which is suitable for heavy cooking. While, aluminum honeycomb grease filter is much lighter for easy assembly and removal. It is widely used in cooking exhaust system such as kitchen in home, restaurant, school dining hall, etc.

An aluminum honeycomb range hood filter with honeycomb-shaped channels and two handles
495mm × 394mm × 50mm aluminum honeycomb range hood filter
A black powder coated stainless steel honeycomb grease filter with two handles on both vertical frame sides
495mm × 495mm × 50mm black powder coated stainless steel honeycomb grease filter


Here are five different sizes of aluminum honeycomb grease filters with handles
Aluminum honeycomb grease filters are available in many sizes for suiting your range hoods
  • Honeycomb range hood filters are available in stainless steel, aluminum materials.
  • Stainless steel honeycomb grease filter has sturdy structure and endures high temperature.
  • Aluminum honeycomb grease filter is lighter and easier to be assembled and removed.
  • Resistant to corrosion, rust, alkaline, acid or other poisonous chemicals.
  • It has large oil holding capacity and prevents damage in case of fire.
  • Honeycomb design makes the appearance attractive.
  • Easy to install and remove with double handles on the frame.
  • Available in many sizes according to the size of the range hood.
  • Easy to clean with hot water and detergent.
Honeycomb Range Hood Filter Specification
Material Out frame material Filtration mesh material
Robust aluminum or stainless steel frame Aluminum, stainless steel foil-strip honeycomb pattern
Size (W × H × D) (mm) 254 × 495 × 50, 289 × 356 × 25, 174 × 395 × 25, 295 × 495 × 50, 455 × 380 × 50, 457 × 381 × 50, 495 × 394 × 50, 495 × 495 × 50, 495 × 750 × 50, 395 × 495 × 50, 622 × 395 × 50, 595 × 595 × 50, 495 × 394 × 50, 622 × 394 × 50, 622 × 495 × 50, 694 × 595 × 50, etc.
Airflow (Liter/Second) 1.8 M/S 2.5 M/S
225, 350, 440, 555, 640. 315, 490, 610, 770, 890.
Packing Each filter is wrapped with waterproof plastic films and packed with protection cardboard.
Double aluminum honeycomb grease filters are respectively packed in plastic films
A pack of two 289mm W × 356mm H aluminum honeycomb grease filters fit into standard range hood
Several honeycomb range hood filters are used in restaurant kitchen range hood.
Honeycomb range hood filters has high volume oil-catching capacity and minimum resistance

As for the outer structure, honeycomb range hood filter has stainless steel or aluminum honeycomb design curved channels with aluminum frame firmly fixed by rivets. If required, there can be handles on both vertical sides of the filter. The filters are also designed with drainage holes on each corner as to excess grease oil and the oil can drain to the collecting channels into the exhaust ducts. As for inside structure, there are aluminum foil strips, which are used to catch maximum oil with minimum resistance.

When you install honeycomb range hood filter, the filters can not be at an angle greater than 30 degrees from the vertical so that the grease oil can easily drain from the filter.

Honeycomb grease filters need cleaning regularly to reduce the risk of collected grease oil dripping into the food. Besides, regular maintenance prevents combustible material causing fire.

The honeycomb grease filter is mostly used in domestic kitchen, restaurant kitchen, kitchen in dining hall, hotel and commercial range hood ventilation system.

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Mesh Grease Filters Remove Grease in Range Hood

Expanded, Knitted, Welded Wire Mesh Grease Filter

Mesh grease filter is a kind of range hood filter installed in a range hood for catching oil smoke and purifying the air. Mesh grease filter has knitted, expanded, welded stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized wire mesh panel and enclosed by either sturdy aluminum or galvanized frame. Handles can also be riveted on the frame for easy removal. Inside the grease filter, there are multiple layers of filtering strips to help accelerate the filtering speed at a minimum resistance.

Expanded aluminum mesh grease filter is enclosed by sturdy frames
Expanded mesh grease filter has expanded wire mesh panels and sturdy frames
Handled galvanized knitted wire mesh grease filter is fixed by aluminum frame
Wire mesh grease filter with handles provides easy removal and the holes on the bottom frame help drain oil smoke


  • Made of quality stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized steel welded, knitted, expanded wire mesh filtering pad and sturdy frames.
  • Rustproof and corrosion-resistant surface makes grease filters durable.
  • Withstand higher temperature in harsh environment.
  • Higher air purification, low resistance, good ventilation performance.
  • Convenient to assemble and remove with handles.
  • Easy to wash with flowing water and detergent.
  • Save electricity, no noise.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Economical in price.
Three mesh grease filter have expanded wire mesh and aluminum frame
Expanded mesh grease filters have dense expanded holes on panel and are strongly enclosed by aluminum frame
Mesh grease filter has expanded wire mesh and pull-handle on the right
An aluminum mesh grease filter and high-density holes on panels for catching oil


  • Material: stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel.
  • Filter depth: 23mm - 50mm.
  • Construction: knitted, welded, expanded style pad and aluminum frame.
  • Handle style: bail handles (the main style), lock handle, rigid handles, pull-and-push handles.
  • Rated velocity: 2.5m/s.
  • Initial resistance at RV (Pa): 22 - 37.
  • Package: packed in plastic films and then into carton with five to six mesh grease filters.
  • Purification efficiency: 90% - 96%.
Mesh Grease Filter Specification
Code number Actual size (W × H) (mm) Airflow rate (m3/s)
MGF-01 242 × 242 0.15
MGF-02 289 × 289 0.21
MGF-03 293 × 293 0.19
MGF-04 369 × 369 0.34
MGF-05 394 × 394 0.39
MGF-06 395 × 394 0.40
MGF-07 445 × 216 0.24
MGF-08 445 × 445 0.50
MGF-09 495 × 241 0.29
MGF-10 495 × 394 0.46
MGF-11 495 × 495 0.58
MGF-12 594 × 594 0.91
MGF-13 598 × 598 0.85
MGF-14 620 × 394 0.30
MGF-15 620 × 495 0.77

Mesh grease filters are commonly installed in standard range hood. They are usually used in domestic kitchen, commercial restaurant kitchen for catching grease oil.

Mesh grease filters require cleaning regularly. It is recommended to be cleaned once a week. When cleaning the grease filter, it can be soaked in hot water, washed by flowing water or washed in automatic dishwasher.

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Perforated Grease Filter for Range Hood Ventilation System

Perforated Grease Filter - Round, Hexagonal Holes

Perforated grease filter is usually used in range hood ventilation system for catching oil smoke and eliminating odor in the kitchen. Such grease filter has stainless steel, aluminum perforated surface, sturdy frames and reinforcing layers of metal carbon fibers inside. It is popularly installed in various standard range hoods in domestic kitchen, commercial kitchen, dining room for air cleaning.

A stainless steel perforated grease filter has a single handle and perforated holes on the panel
Stainless steel perforated grease filter for catching oil smoke in range hood


  • Perforated grease filter is made of top-grade stainless steel, aluminum steel. It has sturdy structure and is not easy to stretch, wear.
  • High temperature, corrosion, rust, acid, alkaline resistance.
  • Large oil holding capacity and air purification efficiency.
  • Perforated grease filter is beautiful and practical.
  • Easy to install with handles.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Long service life.


  • Material: stainless steel 201/304 pad, aluminum alloy frame.
  • Frame thickness: 9mm - 11mm.
  • Technology: cutting, stamping and assembling.
  • Rated air flow (CFM): 6.5 - 8.7.
  • Filtering speed (FPM): 2110 - 2820.
  • Filtering mesh layer: 3 to 6 aluminum mesh layers.
  • Range hood filter size (W × H): 13-7/8" × 13-3/4", 8" × 8-1/3", or can be customized according to your requirement.
  • Packing: each perforated grease filter is packed with carton box with foam inside to reduce the pressure then load onto the container.


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Round Range Hood Filter for Range Hood Ventilation

Round Range Hood Filters Catch Oil Smoke and Purify Air

Round range hood filter is a sort of round type grease filter that is installed in range hood. This standard round shape range hood filter is made of layers of expanded aluminum foil strips with aluminum frame surrounded. Round range hood filter is usually used in kitchens at home, dining halls of restaurants, schools and commercial kitchens.

Round range hood filter has aluminum frame and a center hole
Aluminum round range hood filter has 9-1/2" diameter and 3/32" grommet in center
Two round grease filter constructed of expanded aluminum mesh enclosed by an aluminum frame and a grommet in center
Two 9-1/2" round grease filters suitable for range hood


  • Good air purification and ventilation properties.
  • High temperature endurance.
  • The round type frame and small round grommet in center makes the appearance beautiful.
  • Available sizes are suitable into your range hoods.
  • Easy to wash in hot water, flowing water with detergent.
  • Easy to install.
  • Long service life and economical in price.


  • Material: aluminum.
  • Structure: aluminum foil strips surrounded by aluminum frames and round center grommet.
  • Diameter: 9-1/2", 10-1/2", 11-1/2".
  • Center hole size: 3/32".
  • Mesh filter layers: 3 to 4 layers.

Round range hood filters are commonly used in range hoods for catching grease oil in domestic kitchens, kitchens in dining halls, government, restaurants, etc.

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