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Widespread Industrial Supplies, Inc.

Widespread Industrial Supplies inc. is a Los Angeles, CA based Industrial supplies company. The company  has specializing in fasteners, cutting tools, electrical, welding, chemical and safety related supplies, as well as hand and power tools.The company supplies Abrasives, Anchors, Carriage Bolts, Chemicals, Cutting Tools, Drywall Screws, Electrical Supplies, Flange Bolts / Stove Bolts, Grease Fittings, Hex Head Cap Screws, Lag Bolts, Machine Screws, Metric Fasteners, Nuts, Pins, Pipe Fittings, Safety Equipment, Self-drilling Screws, Sheet Metal (tapping) Screws, Socket Products, Tamper-proof screws, Threaded Rod / Stud Bolts / Coupling Nuts, Tools, Washers, Welding Supplies, Wood Screws.We take pride in our extensive knowledge of all fastener related items, including the various alloy steels and exotic stainless steels on the market. Visit us at


Contact Josh Dorfman
Address 1220 S. Boyle Ave.,
Los Angeles, CA 90023
Country United States
Telephone +1 310-793-7315
Fax +1 310-793-7317
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Choose from our wide variety of abrasive products, including cut-off wheels, grinding wheels, sanding discs, and sanding belts and bands to eliminate the rough edges.

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Cutting Tools
Wide variety of tools for cutting, shaping, and finishing metals and other materials in the manufacturing process.
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