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We are a mould manufacturer or Chinese company delivering all kinds of qualities such as P20 for H13 mold steel;

Uur tooling factory,steel tool and mold makes supplierr company in China Shanghai for plastic parts such as ABS PE PP POM

we have good reviews os some foereign injection mold companies. and nowadays even more clients say tey keep on buying-Chinese injection mold!

Custom made tooling for export to the U.S. and other countries is becoming more popular. Cypress Industries builds a large portion of its custom designed plastic injection molding tools for export. Our clients have found that they can save 50-70% on tooling by having us manufacture the tools for them in China and export them to their facility, a local plastic shop, or our plastic injection molding facility.

By making the molds in China customers can reduce their initially investment substantially.


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injection molded plastics parts

cnc machined prototypes

custom made mold making

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Contact c.voskuilen
Address Room 205, North Building, 1021 Caoyang Road, Putuo District, Shanghai 200062, China
Country China
Telephone +310306663976
Fax +310306663979
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inejction molds for automtive parts, large part by injection molding company in china

United plastic group is one of the few plastic injection mold makers in China that has expert Chinese mold makers and foreign part design engineers  sharing and combining their  knowledge and giving our customers the ability to manufacture moulds and tooling both in Europe and at  China injection mold makers. The unique ability to make  tools and run them in the US and China gives us a unique advantage in being able to warranty the tools we manufacture for the number of cycles we quote because we can ensure proper care is taken of them while at our molding facilities.

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injection molding factory for you custom made plastics parts

We are an Dutch and chinese injection molding factory based in shanghai , yuyao , ningbo China> we assist  from custom made part designing, FOT and T1 to manufacturing molds for our own production or your specified export molds.

We have more than 15 years experience to cooperate with our  international but also Chinese clients for their customized made plastic and rubber injection mold tooling. Custom Injection Molding for your project. Our factory is located in shanghai China just minutes from the 80-90 Toll Road.

We are please to recive you rinquiries and we are commited to our customers and serve with various industries, such as electronics, sports, automotive and so on

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China Injection Mold Factory

We are a dutch and chinese joint venture and injection molding factory based in Shanghai China, from designing, FOT and T1 to export mold. We have more experience to cooperate with our Chinese clients for their customized plastic injection mold tooling.  Our injection molding services are top notch Custom Injection Molding for your project.

Our top factory is located in the east of China just very close from the large harbours NINGBO and Shanghai.

We are committed to our customers and work with various industries.

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