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PuSheng Steel Fencing Industrial Co.

PuSheng Steel Fencing is your total fencing solution provider.

Incorporated in 1993 and dedicated to our customers success, PuSheng has expertise in manufacturing steel fencing panels, gates, fence posts and fencing systems. PuSheng services a wide range of industries including swimming pool security, decorative fencing, perimeter fencing, airport and railway security and various industrial and commercial uses.

PuSheng is an ISO certified fencing manufacturer and offers full range of steel fencing products in a variety of styles including but not limited to picket fencing, palisade fencing, chain link, welded wire fence, expanded metal fencing and woven wire fences.

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Aluminum Coated Steel Chain Link Fence

Aluminized chain link fence fabrics have two selvage choices: knuckle ending or twisted wire tops. Knuckle top aluminum coated fence is the traditional fencing style while the twisted wire top fence has higher security.

Together with barbed or razor wires, a complete security fencing system of aluminized steel fence system can be built. Fence posts, beams, fence fabrics and chain link gates are also supplied. 

Aluminized chain link fence has the features of resistance to moisture, corrosion resistance, excellent resistance to sudden temperature changes and high durability. 

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High Tensile Steel Fence

Hinge Joint Structure Woven Wire Field Fences:
The familiar hinge joint knot is popular with high tensile steel. This kind of wire fence is significantly stronger and can be installed faster and with fewer posts.

Hinge joint field fence is available in heavy coat galvanized for long life.

The fence is available with a green finish and will last four to six times longer than a standard Galvanized fence and enhance the appearance.

This type of wire fence has four wrap hinge joints, in which two vertical stay wires wrap together to form hinged joint. The knot acts as a hinge that gives under pressure, then springs back into shape. This structure provides easy installation because the hinge "gives" while retaining full height for continuing protection and good looks. Vertical wires are individually cut and wrapped for maximum strength and flexibility.

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