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Welcome to Aimlong Baling Wire Factory – the China manufacturer and Exporter experienced in processing of baling wire and various wire ties. Quality raw materials cover galvanized wire, hot dipped zinc plated wire, plastic coated wire and annealed wire.


Baling wire is supplied in the straightened and cut form, spool form, u form, coil form, loop tie form to suit different applications. Finishes of baling wire vary from galvanizing, plastic coating, enamelled coating to hot dipped zinc coating and annealing.


Aimlong has been supplying metal wire for baling and tying for about ten years with big quantity for export. We promise reliable quality, reasonable pricing and fast delivery for our customers.


Major material for baling wire is quality iron wire going through different processing to achieve different properties. For more and detailed information about us and our products, go deeper inside or send email now.


Baling Wire, Bale Wire, Tie Wire

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Fencing Wire

Fencing tie wire is used as tying wire for chain link fence and other metal mesh fences. Aimlong supplies galvanized iron fencing wire and black iron fencing wire in coils.


Material: Low carbon steel wire Q 195

Wire diameter: BWG35-BWG6 (0.2mm-5.0mm)

Tensile strength: 35-70kg/mm2

Coil weight: 0.1- 800kg


Hot-Dip Zinc-Plating Iron Fencing Wire 


1.Processing by drawing, hot-dip zinc-plating

2.Standard wire gauge from 8# to 24#

3.Thick zinc-coating layer

4.Super in corrosion resistance

5.Firm coating layer

6.Custom size available

Photos Illustration of What We Offer for Export:

Galvanized Iron Zinc Plated Fence Tie Wire

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Rebar Ties for Steel Bar Secure Binding

The Loop Ties for construction binding of steel bars are designed for securing and spacing modular steel forms. Using of bar ties help secure the steel bar structure in concrete construction. Safe working loads for Standard bar ties are 2,250 lbs and that for Heavy Bar Ties are 3000 lbs. Standard bar tie units are fabricated with 2-1/8" loop ends and 1 inch breakback. Other sizes, breakbacks, plastic cones or waterseal washers, rebar tie twisting tools are available for specific order. 


Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Construction Binding Wire 

Surface Treatment: Electric Galvanized, Hot-Dipped Galvanized 

Wire Diameter: 0.71mm

Gauge: BWG 22

Zinc Coated: 8-15g, High Zinc 200~300g, 10g-15g, 40g-60g

Tensile Strength: 350-550Mpa

Coil weight: 5 kg - 500 kg

Surface: smooth and silver.

Specification: 0.13mm-6.5mm

We offer the following products with photos illustration.

16 Gauge Plastic Coated Iron Tying Wire

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