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Novo Precision is a progressive manufacturing company built on Lean Manufacturing principles.  We engineer and build equipment to process and cut wire, tube, cable and any other linear material.  Novo runs mass production of clips, pins and medical staples.  In 2015 we spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a state of the art machining center with an emphasis on parts for the firearm's industry including pistol barrels, hammers, trigger guards and many more.  Check us out here

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Precision Wire Straighteners

Novo(formerly TAK Enterprises) has been making wire straighteners for over 35 years.  We build the highest quality straighteners that are made and assembled right here in the wire capital of Bristol, CT.  Each straightener comes with 7 bearings per plane to obtain the utmost straightness.  Bearings are v grooved to 120 degrees as to not mark or distort the wire or linear material.  Give us a call or check out our wire straightner page.

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Wire Cutting Machines

Novo Precision builds and engineers custom machinery to cut and process wire, strip, tube or any other linear material.  We have many options to choose from based off material type, lengths and how fast you wish to run.  With 35+ years experience in wire cutting we have perfected our machines to suit our customers needs.  Check out our machines here and feel free to give us a call to discuss your project needs.

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Wire Cutting Service

Novo Precision has been cutting wire for 35+ years and has perfected the art of cutting and processing most linear materials to include wire, cable, tube and strip.  With a large capacity of machines and tooling we can cut your material for a fraction of the cost of competitors. Even more by using a quill on quill shearing process our cuts are clean and burr free with little to no scrap.  Check out our wire cutting page here or give us a call with any questions or to receive a no obligation quote.

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