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SINOSPARE is a leading global maintenance, repair & operation (MRO) solutions provider for the cement industry. As a professional cement plant spare parts supplier, we have been in this line for many years. Our main products are rotary kilns, ball mills, roller press, stackers & reclaimers, rotary feeders, telescopic loading spouts, filter bags, dust collectors, storage vessels, finned tubes and headers for boilers, heat exchangers, fans, roots blowers, etc. 

Founded in 2009, We have established a supply chain of Chinese OEM to overseas factories in spare parts and auxiliary equipment for cement production lines due to our dedication to customer oriented innovation and good partnerships. 

Our QC manager travels all over China through out the year, inspecting every ordered cargo before ex-factory to ensure its material, dimension, mechanical property, chemical property, package methods, etc., conform to the requirements. Meanwhile, our QC staff are always ready for the engineers from customers for the site inspection if it is necessary.  

We are committed to providing the most competitive spare parts and economic solutions. Now we've served most of cement plants in the Middle East, Southeastern Asia and Northern Africa. For more information, please visit


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Vertical Cement Raw Mill for Cement

China vertical cement mill manufacturer, roller mill for cement grinding, clinker grinding mill, mill disc 1300-5600MM, 2 & 3 & 4 roller 1100-2500MM.

Main Spare Parts for Vertical Cement Raw Mill:

main shaft, seals, grinding table, grinding roller, hydraulics, rods, sleeves, bearings, sluice, wear plates, liner


Vertical roller mill is a type of grinder used to grind materials into extremely fine powder for use in mineral dressing processes, paints, pyrotechnics, cement and ceramics. It is an energy efficient alternative for a ball mill.

Even there are different kinds of vertical roller mill with different models and manufacturers, the working principle of the vertical roller mill is almost the same. The material falls into the mill disc through the separator from the rotating feeder,  being ground into fine powder by the joint action of compression and crushed between mill disc and rollers controlled by the hydraulic system. Centrifugal force pushes the crushed material from the middle of the grinding disc to the edge of the mill disc. After leaving the mill disc, the material will be dried when it encounters the hot air which will enter the mill through the wind ring. Materials with bigger size are blown into the separator and grinding again.


1. Excellent dry powder grinding ability

2. Low noise

3. Low energy consumption

4. Quick response control

5. Low vibration when closing down

6. Less occupied area

7. Easy to adjust

8. Easy maintenance

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Boiler Steam Header for Cement Plant

China boiler spare parts supplier provides custom boiler steam header, manifold headers for superheater or any other heat exchangers in cement plant.
The boiler steam header is also called the boiler manifold header. Boiler steam headers are the component of water-cooled walls, economizers, superheaters. So, there are water-cooled wall headers, economizer headers, and superheater headers. The function of boiler header is to collect or distribute the steam-water working medium, reduce the conveying connection pipe of the working medium and the number of opening holes of the boiler barrel. Boiler headers can improve the safety performance of the boiler barrel. The lower boiler header located on the water cooling wall close to the fire grate on the two sides of the furnace functions to prevent coking on both sides of the grate.
The boiler steam header is actually a large diameter pipe connected with a lot of finned tubes. It is made of seamless steel pipe and welded flat head (end cover) at both ends. There are many pipe holes on the header body for welding or expanding joint for finned tubes. Both ends of the economizer finned tubes and the superheater finned tubes are connected to the boiler steam header. The lower end of the water cooling wall is connected to the boiler header and the upper end can be connected to the boiler header and then a few finned tubes from the collector box are connected to the boiler barrel or the upper end of the water cooling wall finned tubes can be directly connected to the boiler barrel.

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Custom Slide Gate Valve for Transporting Bulk Materials

Custom cement spare parts manufacturer in China provides custom slide gate valve for transporting or cutting bulk materials such as powder, granular materials.

Slide gate valve is kind of control or shut-off devices for powdery, granular materials, gas transporting or conveying system.

Slide gate valve is widely used in the silo top, silo bottom and material inlet and outlet of material handling in heavy industry, such as metallurgy, mining, building materials, grain, chemicaland other industries. It is an ideal equipment, a large flow changes material controller, frequent opening and shut-off device, and rapid cutting equipment.

SINOSAPRE offers the following types of gate valves for different choices:

• Manual Screw Operated Slide Gate Valve

• Pneumatic Slide Gate Valve

• Electric/Motorized Slide Gate Valve

• Hydraulic Slide Gate Valve

• Manual Rod Gate Valve

• Jaw Gate Valve with Motor/Pneumatic/Hydraulic Operator



• Simple Structure

• Excellent Sealing Performance

• Low Resistance Loss

• Fast Cutting and No Jamming

• Easy Maintenance and Easy Operation

• Convenient Maintenance

• No Deformation

• Long Service Life

• Low Noise and Low Energy Consumption

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Stainless Steel Reaction Vessel for Cement Plant

China cement plant pressure vessel manufacturer offers durable custom stainless steel reaction vessel, continuous stirred tank reactor for cement plant.

The reaction vessel is a traditional production equipment in the chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries and plays an important role in traditional processes such as liquid-liquid mixing and liquid-powder mixing. According to the needs of customers, various mixing paddles can be prepared to achieve different reaction effects.


• Static sealing, no leakage, no noise, no pollution, stable operation, simple operation, sturdy and durable and compact structure

• Being able to react under high temperature, high pressure, high vacuum, high speed, suspension and convection.

• The medium is completely in a static sealed state, and it is safe to carry out.


Widely used in college and university laboratory, petrochemicals, dyes and metallurgy, nanomaterials, polymer reactions, hydrothermal synthesis, hydrogenation reactions, national defence technology, pharmaceutical and food, cigarette industry, ceramics, polymer industry, fine chemicals, microbial engineering, high-tech products and other fields.

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Heat Exchanger

Custom cement plant spares manufacturer in China offers custom heat exchanger for cement plant, tube plate heat exchanger, U-tube, shell & tube heat exchanger.

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