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Dezhou Shangqi Expanded Metal Machine Factory

The factory was set up in 1998, has now established good reputation among our customers home and abroad. Our products fall into two categories, one is machinery ( for production of expanded metal, corner beads, rib lath, perforated metal ) , the other is mesh sheet ( for guarding, filter, fencing, decoration, building material, etc. ).

Shangqi enjoy long-term production practice and a wealth of experience in sheet metal processing. We enjoy trust and long term business from customers from Russia, Germany, UK, Mexico, Brazil, Middle east and other countries with our quality products. We help setting up production line for worldwide customers with our machines.




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Heavy Type and Light Type Expanded Meshes

Heavy Type and Light Type Expanded Meshes

Materials: Aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel.
Hole shapes: Diamond, hexagonal, fish scale shape, etc.
Surface treatment: PVC coated, galvanized, powder coated, anodized aluminum.
Colors: Green, black, red, yellow, etc.
SWD: 36 mm – 76 mm.
LWD: 50 mm – 200 mm.
Thickness: 3 mm – 8 mm.
Forms: Metal sheet, flat or raised

LWD - long way of diamond hole
Bond - where two stands intersects
Strand width-length of the metal used to produce one strand
Sheet / strand thickness- guage thickness
LWM( width )- mesh sheet size, the distance of LWD direction
SWM-( length) - mesh sheet size, the distance of SWD direction.

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Expanded Metal Sheet Making Machinery

The expanded metal production line covers machinery for sheet metal expanding, pressing and flattening, shearing and slitting.

Finished expanded meshes are used in construction, architecture , common hardware, fencing, window and door security, machine protecting, etc. Expanded metals are processed into corner beads, metal lathing, coils, decorative sheet for facade or wall cladding in various architectural designs, fences.

Automatic Expanded Metal Press

PuRuiSe expanded metal press is designed to process carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and a variety of coppers. With automatic control and auto feeding system, our machines have been exported to over 30 countries and regions: Thailand, U.A.E, Indonesia, Italy, Ukraine, Turkey, Australia, Mexico and etc.


CNC Plate Shearing Machine

Automatic CNC cutting machine for shearing (cutting) of color steel plate, stainless steel plate, GI metal plate, welded wire mesh, chemical fiber felt, rubber division strip, expanded metal mesh, cold rolling steel plate.

This machine has electric operation, automatic feeding, saving time and labor with following advantages:

Auto Feeding, feeding distance and speed can be adjusted;
Leveller be available;
Splitting to strips available;
Cutting, level, Splitting, Bending options at choice;
Touch screen operation, easy and clear.

Metal Mesh Flatten Machine

Expanded metal mesh flatten machine is special designed for expanded metal flattening. It’sa necessary equipment for expanded metal production. It can make expanded wire mesh smoothly.

Flattening machine in different width and different designs are supplied. We supply four-roller flatten machine, two-roller flatten machine, manual flatten machine, hydraulic flatten machine, etc. Currently the machine isapplied to processing expanded metal with a maximum sheet thickness of 5mm and width between 0.5m to 2.5m.

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Corner / Angle Beads

Corner beads are also known as angle beads, plaster beads, trimming beads or stucco beads. We supply corner beads fabricated from perforated or expanded metal meshes. Corner plastering metal beads are mainly used for wall and ceiling rendering and insulation system construction. Plastering corner beads provide quality finished edge for walls around doors and windows. Popular sizes are 1/2" and 3/4" . Standard length is 10' and bundles are 20 pieces.

Types: Corner Beads for Exterior Render, Lower Raked Render Bead, Corner Beads for Traditional Walls, V Keel Beads, I Trim Corner Protection Angle Beads, Expanded Corner Bead, Perforated Corner Bead, Corner beads for interior plastering.

According to fabrication of materials: Corner Beads, Expanded or Perforated

Expanded Steel Metal Beads

Corner or plaster casing beads are commonly fabricated from galvanized expanded steel mesh. The expanded metal beads are light and can be easily applied to plastering jobs. Plaster keys near solid nose provide reinforcement where needed most to ensure straight corners. Holes: Diamond.

Perforated Mesh Drywall Angle Beads for Internal Wall Corner Framing 
5*5 145g-165g or 4*4mm
2.5cm*2.5cm ,10cm*10cm. 
Material: PVC, galvanized steel.
Hole: Round

According to Uses ( For interior or external corner framing) 
Corner Beads for Raked Render Angles
This kind of corner bead provides a finish and protects external raked render angles. Using of this metal corner beads enables adjustment of all thickness renders.

Technical Description:
Materials: Galvanized expanded metal sheet or perforated sheets.
Can be made with P.V.C. nosing. 
Corner beads for raked render angles have three standard models for render thicknesses of 8, 10 and 15 mm. 
Corner beads have 42 mm wings. Length of Corner beads can be 225, 250, 300 cm. 

Corner Beads for Exterior Render
This type of corner bead finishes and protects inside brick. Then the wall angles can be plastered. Using of corner beads for exterior render allows adjustment of render thickness to 6 mm.

Technical Description:
Materials: Galvanized steel sheets.
Features: Sharp angle. Expanded metal wings have slots so that the render grips the inside wall perfectly.

25 x 25 mm. Length: 2, 2.5 linear meter

Interior Corner Drywall Bead

Interior corner or angle beads are the most easily forgotten aspect of a drywall job. Designed for internal use plaster uses, manufactured from quality galvanized steel sheet or perforated mesh. Solid flanges are preferable. The angle beads are adapt to framing irregularities and to match appropriate screed heights.

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High Ribbed Mesh Lathing Formwork

High Rib Lath is produced from hot dipped galvanized steel expanded metal sheets. It provides longitudinal 3/8" ribs and small inverted ribs, together with a small herringbone mesh offering superior strength and spanning capabilities. The hot-dip zinc coated steel sheet is produced according to BS 2989 Z2 G275 standards.

Manufacture of Hy-ribbed Lath Formwork: 
The mesh and ribs are formed on machines by cut and press the mesh and then rolling the ribs. At the same time the material is stretched to form an expanded mesh.


Where is Hi Rib Lath Used:

In construction reinforcement of tunnels bridges;
Valve basement systems;
Sewage systems construction;
Subways, retaining walls construction;
Nuclear power plants, shipyards, water pools and marine engineering works;
High building projects;
Iregular or bending patterns.

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Perforated Metal Machine

The machine is designed for perforation of metal screen with precise holes of different shapes in different materials. The production line consists of punching machine, feeding machine, decoiling device and other auxiliaries.

The metallic material for punching: Iron plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, galvanized plate, nickel, etc.
Nonmetallic material: Fibre plate, plastic plate, vinyl, etc.

The shape of the punched hole: Round hole, long round hole, square hole, trigonal hole,bulgy hole(scale hole), diamond hole, hexagonal hole, crossed hole etc.

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