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Manufacturer of process controls such as corrosion-proof timers, liquid level alarms, IBC alarms, wireless alarms, epoxy resin mixing machines, vent caps, temperature alarms, custom alarms.  Battery powered or AC powered.


tank level alarms, digital timers, custom alarm boxes, small resin mixing machines, vent caps

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Digital Countdown Timer

Countdown timer that counts down from the pre-set time.  Used in industrial operations as a pacing timer or to signal when an operation is completed. Many different modes to choose from like on-delay, repeating intervals, power monitoring, count-up and many more. 

Battery power or AC power with relahy. 

Please visit this link for an overview of all Gizmo Engineering industrial production timers.

-Test and Measurement > Process Controllers

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Tank level alarms

Liquid level alarm with PTFE float switch and polypropylene body, it is suitable for most aggressive chemicals.  Commonly used on tanks, it will respond to a change in liquid level with a loud buzzer and flashing LED. 

Saveral options to configure it to any application such as:

  • Battery power or AC power.
  • PVDF or SS construction.
  • Wireless communication
  • Custom mounting
  • Two-point monitoring
  • Remote boxes


For more information please visit our webpage on tank level alarms.

-Sensors and Transducers > Level Sensors

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Venting cap

All plastic venting caps with screen allow tanks to vent while keeping out bugs, rain, seeds, or other debris. Available in every size from 1/2 inch up to 12 inch diameter.  Mounts on standard pipes in either slip mount, male thread, or female thread.

Please visit our webpage for an overview of vent caps for complete model information, or this page for technical specifications on vent caps.

-Mechanical Components > Assembly Hardware

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Benchtop resin mixer

Resin mixing machine for mixing small batches of resin needs no cleanup!  Turn on the mix knob and the table rotates until epoxy is throroughly mixed with no air bubbles.  After use simply throw out your disposable mxing cup.  This mixer can accommodate any mixing cup of your choice up to 4 inches in diameter.  

Different machines sizes available: 150 ml or 1000 ml capacity.

Please visit our webpage for complete information and video or the resin mixer.

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Alarm box annunciator

Alarm box converts a contact close and produces a loud buzzer and flashing LED strobe light. Useful for pH meters, ORP meters or any instrumentation that has insufficient or no ability to annunciate an event.  Connection is simple: just connect the provided wires to any contact close or open available.

See this page for the battery powered alarm box or our line powered AC alarm box version with relay output.

-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Industrial Assembly
-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Machine Safeguarding
-Test and Measurement > Process Controllers

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