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Igniter100 is an UK investment platform that has over 60 Fintech based companies and nascent technologies with the target to reaching 100 of such companies by deed of ownership or co-ownership. These opportunities at different levels; startups, already working models and dividend yielding companies have all been provided on an investment platform for IPO (Initial public offers) and will be listed on the London Stocks exchange by first quarter of 2019. The sales is ongoing and you can participate here: REGISTER NOW

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Fingopay uses Hitachi's VeinID™ to authenticate and verify payments. Infrared light illuminates the unique vein pattern in your finger. Fingopay creates an anonymised cryptographic token. This is matched with your details in the Cloud. Identity is verified and payment can be completed in seconds. one of the numerous Igniter100 investment projects

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Glint lets you buy, sell and spend gold and other currencies with a Glint Mastercard. Backing your wealth in gold gives you a reliable form of money and protects you from systemic risk and inflation.

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Equator aircraft
Super efficient flying boat. State-of-the Art Aerodynamics. • Highly Automated. Simple to fly and operate. • Hybrid - Electric Power. All green. • Utility Cockpit & ...


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It is a playfom for creative learning that combine quality instructional video with ecommerce

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An online peer to peer crowdfunding  property platform that combines leading edge technology with experienced team.

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Related Product Categories
Networking and Communication
Networking Equipment
Equipment used to connect computers and other electronic devices so that they may exchange information such as switches, routers, bridges, hubs, gateways, etc.
Scientific Instruments
Sensors and instruments for capturing images for evaluation and analysis, including images in the visible, infrared, and ultraviolet wavelengths.
Video and Imaging
Image Sensors
Devices that record images including charge coupled devices (CCD) and CMOS image sensors.
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