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A wire is a single, usually cylindrical, string of metal. Wires are used to bear mechanical loads, to carry electricity and/or telecommunications signals. Wire is commonly formed by drawing the metal through a hole in a die or draw plate. Standard sizes are determined by various wire gauges.

In the electrical and electronic field, vast quantities of aluminium, copper, nickel and steel wire are employed for telephone and data wires and cables, and as conductors in electric power transmission, and heating. The metals suitable for wire, possessing almost equal ductility, are platinum, silver, iron, copper, aluminium and gold. Special purpose wire is however made from other metals. For instance, the wire for light bulb and vacuum tube filaments is made by tungsten because of its high melting temperature. Copper wires are also plated with other metals, such as tin, nickel, and silver to handle different temperatures, provide lubrication, provide easier stripping of rubber from copper.

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AA Electric
Data Acquisition Signal Conditioning, Data Input Devices, Electrical Distribution Protection Equipment, Enclosure Accessories Services, Fans Electronic Cooling, Power Supplies Conditioners, Switches,...
Accurate Perforated Pipe Co., Ltd.
metal perforated pipe
ADC Telecommunications, Inc.
Enclosure Accessories Services, Wires, Cables, Accessories
Adirondack Electronics, Inc.
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Advanced Cable Ties, Inc.
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Aimlong Baling Wire Factory
Baling Wire, Bale Wire, Tie Wire
Albers Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Allied Wire & Cable, Inc.
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Almeida Electrical, Inc.
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Alpha Wire Company
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Altech Corp.
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Anaya Security Fencing Co.
Anti climb tops / Deterrents include: Blunt tip spikes, shark tooth spike, wall spike, bird spike, blade razor spike, barb nails, barbed wire, razor wire and etc.
Anping Yuda No.2 Wire Mesh Factory
,Wire mesh, wire cloth, mesh wire, mesh, wire, woven wire mesh, iron wire mesh, steel wire, iron wire, fiberglass wire mesh, fiberglass netting, fiberglass tap Wire mesh, wire cloth, mesh wire,...
Arnco Corporation
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Astar Drag Harrows Company
drag harrow
Bayside Electric Supply Co., Inc.
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Brass Connectors
We are leading manufacturer and exporter of high-quality Brass Neutral Links, Electrical Parts, Brass Socket Pins, Earth Blocks, Grounding Connectors, Brass Battery Terminals, Copper Battery...
Brass Copper Parts
Brass fasteners Brass Screws Brass nuts hose fittings electrical accessories cable glands conduit fittings battery terminals Anchor fasteners
Brass Nuts Screws fasteners
Brass inserts moulding nuts fasteners screws tube fittings conduit fittings electrical connectors
Buckles-Smith Electric Co.
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Byrne Electrical Specialists
Wires, Cables, Accessories
C&M Corporation
Wires, Cables, Accessories
DVI cables,Monitor Cables,HDMI  cables,home theater,NETWORK ,KVM ,FIREWIRE cables,CUSTOM CABLES,SCSI ,CUSTOM FIBER CABLES,USB cbles,Premise wiring products,FIBER OPTIC cables,MTRJ ...
Wires, Cables, Accessories
China Aluminium Profile Co., Ltd.
Aluminium Profile, Industrial Aluminium Profile, Aluminium Window & Door, Aluminium Curtain Wall, and Wire & Cable
CKH Sintered Metal Filters Co,.Ltd.
sinter wire mesh
Commercial Electric Products Corporation
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Communication Cable Company
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Components Express, Inc.
Machine VisionCustom CablesNetworkingComponents
Conex Copper
Fiber attenuators ,Fiber optics ,Cisco Cables ,data cabinets ,Cables
Control Switches International, Inc.
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Cypress Industries
Wire Harnesses, Custom Wire Harnesses, Military Wire Harnesses, Custom Cable Assembly, Custom Molded Cables, Industrial Cable Assemblies, Custom Control Panels, Crane Control Panels, Control Panel...
Dek Cable Accessories
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Digi-Key Corporation
Data Acquisition Signal Conditioning, Batteries Accessories, Electrical Electronics Fasteners Hardware, Electrical Testing Equipment, Enclosure Accessories Services, Passive Electronic...
Dongfang Fence Post Co.
GI and HDG Steel Posts,Plastic / Enamel Coated Post,Australia Type Y-Post,Studded T-Post( USA Type),T/L-Post (Euro Type) Pipe Post,Fence Staple U Shaped Nails,Post Anchor Spikes,U Fence Post,Common...
Dura-Line Corporation
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Eagle Design Group, LLC
Wires, Cables, Accessories
EGS Group Hont Electrical Co.,Ltd
Cable Ties,Cable Gland,Terminal Blocks,Wiring Duct,Heat Shrink Tubing,Tile Spacer,Insulated Terminal,Cable Tie Mount,Cable Tie Saddle,Cable Markers,Spiral Wrapping Band,Vinyl Wire End...
Electrical Wiring Accessories
Endot Industries, Inc.
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Evergreen Oak Electric Supply & Sales Co.
Wires, Cables, Accessories
fast rapid prototyping DBA Lornat Inc
3 dimensional printing, rapid prototyping Product design product development,  engineering product testing
Fluger Poultry Netting Company
poultry netting
Fox Controls, Inc.
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Franklin Electric Company
Wires, Cables, Accessories
 contact materials, multi-layer contacts, and contact components
GC Electronics
Power Supplies Conditioners, Wires, Cables, Accessories, Industrial Assembly, Electrical, Optical, Specialty Materials
Good Friend Electrical Supplies, Inc.
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Harvel Plastics, Inc.
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Hayata of North America Ltd.
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Henglinda fan guard Co., Ltd.
fan guard
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Hubbell Premise Wiring
Wires, Cables, Accessories, Electronics Microelectronics Manufacturing
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Jinzhu Portable Fence & Panels Co.
modular fence system, steel mesh framework portable fence, diamond mesh chain link fencing, plastic coated portable fence, aluminum fence, woven wire field fence, cable wire webnet zoo netting, steel...
Wires, Cables, Accessories
L-com Global Connectivity Products
L-com's Custom Cable Product Configurator ,L-com's product configuration tool allows you to quickly and easily create custom cable assemblies to satisfy your specific application requirements....
Lamina Perforated Sheet Factory
We supply embossed metal sheet panels 304 stainless steel,punching hole metal mesh screen,perforated sheet for guard railing system infill fence panels,decorative perforated aluminum sheet,metal mesh...
Lamson & Sessions
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Switches, Wires, Cables, Accessories
Leviton Voice & Data Division
Wires, Cables, Accessories, Electronics Microelectronics Manufacturing
Liberty Engineering
Wires, Cables, Accessories
McCullough Electric Co.
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Michaels Electrical Supply Corp.
Wires, Cables, Accessories, Industrial Heaters Heating Elements
Micro Plastics, Inc.
Electrical Electronics Fasteners Hardware, Wires, Cables, Accessories
 Copper clad aluminum wire(CCA)Copper clad steel wire(CCS)Copper clad aluminium & magnesium alloy wire(CCAM)Tinned copper clad steel wire(TCCS)TCCA & TCCAM wireCCREA & CCREAM...
Multilink Broadband
Wires, Cables, Accessories
NABS, Inc.
Electrical Electronics Fasteners Hardware, Wires, Cables, Accessories
NiWire Industries Co., Ltd.
Inconel 718, Inconel 625, Monel 400, Incoloy 825, Hastelloy C-276
Panduit Corp.
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Ram Electrical Works - Electric Contractor in Thane and Mumbai
residential electrical contractorsCommercial electrical contractorsindustrial electrical contractorsregistered electrical contractor In thaneLicensed Electrical ContractorElectrical Services in...
Richco, Inc.
Electrical Electronics Fasteners Hardware, Wires, Cables, Accessories
Sacramento Electronic Supply
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Shenzhen Wiitek Technology Co.,Ltd
HDMI 1.4/1.3 Cables,HDMI spliters,HDMI Adapters,HDMI converters,USB 3.0 Cables, USB 2.0 Cables, USB 3.0 adapters, sata cables, Mini DP Cables, DP adapters, Mini SAS Cables, Mini SAS HD Cables, SFP+...
Solid Sealing Technology
Vacuum Feedthroughs , Coaxial Connectors , Multi-Pin Connectors , Thermocouple Connectors , Isolators , 
Standard Wire & Cable Co.
Wires, Cables, Accessories Ltd.
Enclosure Accessories Services, Fans Electronic Cooling, Wires, Cables, Accessories
Sunray Electric Supply Co., Inc.
Wires, Cables, Accessories
SURI Stainless Steel Scrubber Company
stainless steel scrubbers,
Tech-Sonic, Inc.
Industrial ultrasonic metal welding equipment: Ultrasonic metal welder, wire termination welder, aluminum welder, wire splice welder, tube sealer welder, spot and seam welding systems and...
Texas Technical Products Inc.
Wires, Cables, Accessories, Flow Sensors, Flowmeters
The Hite Company
Wires, Cables, Accessories
The Van Atta Supply Company
Wires, Cables, Accessories
The Winkle Electric Co., Inc.
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Whelan Co., The
Wires, Cables, Accessories, Industrial Heaters Heating Elements
Wholesale Electric Supply Co.
Wires, Cables, Accessories
WireWay, Inc.
Wires, Cables, Accessories
Wuqiang Jingrui Fiberglass Window Screen Co., Ltd.
Window Screens Factory Equipment   Equipment situation Qty Fiberglass Yarn Drawing Machines 11 sets Glass Fiber Coating Line 5lines Screen mesh Weaving...
Yudemei Chain Link Fencing Factory
Barbed wire,Euro Fence, Woven Wire Fence, Welded Wire Fences, Expanded Metal Fencing, Wire Mesh Fence, Fence Panels, Wire Mesh Partitions,Fencing Wire, Barbed Tape, Razor Wire Fencing, Chain Link...
YuXuan Extruder Screen Co., Ltd.
Extruder Screen Packs,Disc Type Extruder Screen Filter,Extruder Screen Mesh Cylinder ,Single Layer Wire Mesh Disc,Multi-layer Extruder Screen Packs,Stainless Steel Mesh Disk with Frame,Stainless...
Zhong Cheng Welded Mesh Co.
Our major products include concrete building mesh, wire carts and trolleys, cages, welded mesh fence, panels, deckings, partitions, fan guards, as well as welded mesh production line.
ZipTape Label I.D. Systems
Wires, Cables, Accessories
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