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Safety sensors and switches are devices that can detect some important operation related physical quantities such as temperature, pressure, current, voltage, speed, and level, and make sure they are within the design limit of equipments or systems. When the monitored physical quantities exceed the allowable limits, switches will react. They either activate the environmental control system or protection units to maintain the monitored quantities within limits or shut-off the operation for safety reason.
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Anping County Jiasheng Metal Products Co.,Ltd.
Anping Glory Construction Mesh Factory
  ,We mainly supply Brick Wall Reinforcing Mesh, Construction Safety Mesh, High Ribbed Formwork, ShuLe Plate Net, Wall Plaster Meshand related products. , 
Anping KenJoy Debris Netting Inc
We mainly provide Debris Netting Fall Protection, Plastic Netting, Scaffold Netting, Construction Safety Netting and the other related products.
HeBei Field Fence Co.,Ltd.
We mainly supply Chain Link Field Fence, V-Mesh Fence, Non-Climb Horse Fence, Monarch Field Fence, Standard Field Fence and related products.
Hengshui Werson Wire Mesh Fence Co.,Ltd
weld mesh fence,358 security mesh fence ,chain link fence ,concertina,barbed wire ,stainless steel security screen
Kaili Electroninc Factory
Piezoelectric buzzers ,buzzer,Magnetic buzzers,Piezo transducer, SMD  transducers, SMD buzzer,Piezo audio indicator ,Parking Sensors, gas sensor
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