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A container refers a hollow object used to contain, store, and transport products. A container can be made by many different materials such as glasses, metals, plastics, ceramics, woods, and cardboards. Bottles, cans, cartons, boxes, baskets, and bags are among most commonly found containers.

Containers may have many different shapes from more general purpose rectangular and cylindrical shapes to custom shapes that fit specific products. The sizes of containers may vary from finger tip size to 20-foot cargo container to ship or building size.

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Brass Anchors Brass components  Brass nuts Brass Parts
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Cosmetic Packaging Now
Data Center Curtains ,Air Sealing Accessories ,Data Center Design
Guang Tong Plastic Netting Factory
Plastic netting, safety fencing, knitted mesh
Philly Case Co.
Philly Case offers many different types of shipping cases, including custom and standard types. These include: * Wooden ATA Cases * Molded ATA Cases * ATA Shipping Cases *...
Tomopal Inc.
Manufacturer & Distributor of Glass Syringes, Microsyringes, Scales & Balances, Gas Filters, Gas Purifiers. ILS and SGE Syringe for GC/HPLC/LC Types include: Microsyringe , Multiloading...
barrel screw accessories,extruder screw
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