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A lubricator is a device, that applies lubricant to the target area. A lubricant is a substance introduced between two moving surfaces to reduce the friction between them, improving efficiency and reducing wear. It may also have the function of dissolving or transporting foreign particles and of distributing heat. A lubricant's ability to lubricate moving parts and reduce friction is the property known as lubricity.
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2 Brass inserts Brass Moulding inserts india
Brass inserts Brass moulding inserts Brass screws fasteners nuts
A2 Brass Fasteners Inserts
  PRODUCTS We specialize in All types of Brass Parts, Copper Parts, Brass Forgings , Copper Forgings, Brass Nuts, Brass Anchors, Brass Screws etc.Our products can be broadly classified as...
A3 Brass Extrusion Rods
,       ,    Products   Brass Extruded Rods Brass Wires Brass Hollow Rods Brass Section and Profile Brass Billets and Ingots Brass Tubes and Pipes Copper Rods and Busbars Bronze Ingots and Billets   ...
Cable Glands and Copper Terminal Lugs INDIA
   Brass Cable Glands    Copper Bonded Earthing Rods    Copper Cable Lugs Terminals    Copper grounding...
Firm Checker Plate Company
Checker plate, diamond plate, safety grating
Technology for filling, packaging, palletising and intra-lobgistics
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