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Casting is a manufacturing process by heating up metal, plastic, or mixing other chemical setting materials to liquid state and pouring it into a hollow mold of the desired shape, and allowing to solidify. The solidified part is then ejected or broken out of the mold to complete the process. Casting is most often used for making complex shapes that would be otherwise difficult or uneconomical to make by other methods.

Metals are the most common material for casting. Plaster itself may be cast, as can other chemical setting materials such as concrete or plastic resin. The common casting processes include

  • Centrifugal Casting
  • Ceramic Mold Casting
  • Die Casting
  • Full Mold Casting
  • Investment Casting
  • Permanent Mold Casting
  • Plaster Mold Casting
  • Powder Metallurgy
  • Sand Casting
  • Shell Mold Casting
  • Squeeze Casting
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@ injection molding company
Plastic injection mold, injection mould making ,injection molded plastics parts ,cnc machined prototypes ,custom made mold making ,rubber manufacturing
A Jamnagar Brass Parts
Fittings fasteners turned parts hsoe fittings anchor fasteners neutral links moulding sinerts cable accessories manifolds connectors
A+ Injection Mold China
Plastic injection mold, injection mould making
A1 Brass Sanitary Fittings Bronze Castings Conduit Fittings Accessories Jamnagar
Jamnagar Brass Fittings is specialized in manufacturing and exporting products like Brass Cable Glands, Cable Glands Accessories, Brass Battery Terminals, Brass Cable Lugs Terminals, Brass Nuts,...
Aco Injection Mold Manufacturer
We are a toolmaker in China, and not only ejector blade supplier, but if you need support, we could supply good quality  injection mold making, plastic injection moulding in China.
Ambe Pattern Works
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Anyang Forging Press Machinery Industry Co., Ltd
forging hammer, forging tools, ring rolling machine, metal scrap baling press, hydraulic riveting machine etc
Baoding Hongshenglong Investment Casting Co., Ltd.
    Casting Process: silica sol  of lost wax investment casting  Standard: ASTM, AISI, DIN, BS and JIS Max Casting Size: 1.0 meter  Casting Weight: 0.02~90Kg Dimension...
Beijing Changhang Investment Casting Co.,Ltd.
Investment Castings,Artificial Joints Castings,Impellers,High-temperature alloy castings, 
Best Magnet & Machining Co., Ltd
Magnetic Material such as Alnico magnet, NdFeB magnet, SmCo magnet, Ferrite magnet, Rubber magnet etc. ,CNC Machining parts after different working process of die casting, precision casting,...
BL Stainless Steel Fittings
Stainless Steel fittings Stainless Steel baskets Stainless Steel forgings  Stainless Steel fasteners Stainless Steel castings
Brass Copper Parts
Brass fasteners Brass Screws Brass nuts hose fittings electrical accessories cable glands conduit fittings battery terminals Anchor fasteners
Brass Fittings and Parts india
Brass fittings Brass components hsoe fittings turned parts connectors
Brass Fittings Parts Conex
Brass fittings hose fittings cable glands Brass terminals conduit fittings castings etc
  Products Brass BSP NPT Threaded InsertsBrass inserts male inserts BSP Inserts NPT Inserts Brass Threaded Inserts for PVC / CPVC / UPVC PPR Molding of Sewerage and Pipe...
Brass Nuts Inserts
Brass Hex Nuts DIN 934 Brass Bolts and Nuts Brass lock Nuts DIN 439       Brass Panel Nuts Brass Acorn Nuts Dome Nuts Brass Jam Nuts
Brass Nuts Screws fasteners
Brass inserts moulding nuts fasteners screws tube fittings conduit fittings electrical connectors
Brass Parts india
Brass screws Brass Hardware Brass fasteners Brass Terminal Blocks Brass Casting Brass hose couplings Brass terminals Battery Connectors Brass Anchors Brass Anchor fasteners Machined components Screw...
Brass Parts Jamnagar
Brass Fasteners Brass Washers Brass Lock Nuts Brass Turned Parts Brass Terminals Brass Cable Glands Brass Battery Terminals  Brass Neutral Links Brass Casting Foundries Brass PPR inserts Fittings...
Brass Manufacturers India Brass Screws Brass Parts Brass Electrical Accessories Brass Turned...
Calmet - Iron Castings Foundry, Forgings, Machined Parts, Stampings, Assemblies, Tubing
If you are thinking of iron cast exporters from India then think calmet India.We are the low cost casting supplier in China and India. ,Calmet - Iron Castings Foundry, Forgings, Machined Parts,...
Camax Hardware Co.,ltd.
SS investment casting door handles, panic devices, pull handles, glass door handles, door stoppers, furniture handles, hinges,etc
CFS Investment Casting
investment casting ,precision casting ,Steel Casting ,aliminum casting ,iron casting
China AIP Mould Industrial Limited
Plastic injection molds,die-casting,Rapid prototyping,Custom machined parts,extrusion,casting,Molded plastic products.Mold Design,
China Aluminium Profile Co., Ltd.
Aluminium Profile, Industrial Aluminium Profile, Aluminium Window & Door, Aluminium Curtain Wall, and Wire & Cable
metal parts, metal stamping parts, metal injection molding MIM parts, forging parts, casting parts ,CNC machined parts, turned parts, sheet metal parts, precision...
China Junying Die Casting Mould Company
Die Casting, China Die Casting, Zinc Die Casting, Aluminum Die Casting, Die Casting Services, Mould, Die Casting Mould, China Mould Manufacturer, Mould Making Services, Mould tooling Services
China Topper Aluminum Die Casting Company
Die Casting,Aluminum Casting,Aluminum Light Casting,Lighting Parts Casting,Mechanical Parts Casting,Automotive Parts Casting,Communication Parts Casting
PRODUCTS Aluminium Cable Glands CW Aluminium Cable glands Armoured Cable glands BW cable glands Aluminium Electrical components Aluminium Electrical Lugs cable lugs...
Conex Bronze Fittings
PRODUCTS Bronze Bushes Bushings Bronze Flanges Bronze Flanges NPT Bronze Pump Flanges Bronze Grounding Clamps Connectors Bronze Guv Clamps U Clamps Bronze Ground Clamps...
Conex Copper
Conex Stainless Steel Fittings India
Products : ,  Fasteners and Fixings Din934 Hex Nuts Stainless SteelMachined Components and Turned Parts Stainless steel CNC machined parts Turned componentsStailess Steel...
Copper Parts Copper Components
  ,  Copper Parts Copper Components offers manufactring and Exporting of following products: PRODUCTS Fasteners Copper Ferrules Copper Ferrule for Wire Ropes Copper Bolts...
Creator Forging Casting Stamping Company
Creator Forging Casting Stamping Company is specialized in forging services, offers all sorts of forged parts. These forged metal parts can be applied for agriculural field, mining field,...
EKS CNC Machining Metal Processing Company
Metal Machining, CNC machining, Die Casting, Precision Casting, Mold Making,Metal Stamping
Electrical Wiring Accessories
Engineers portal
Industrial Engineering, tool engineering and foundry.
First Brass Parts India
Products : ,  Brass Nuts : ,  ,Brass Hex Nuts DIN 934                   , ,Brass Square Nuts , ,Brass Panel Nuts ...
Fit Precision Mold Co., Ltd.
Tool/Mold Design ( CAD,CAM,CAE equipped )  Prototype Making (Silicon Soft Tooling, CNC Operation, Aluminum Tooling) Plastic Injection Molding (Including Insert /Stack Mold,...
Fonderie Saguenay
Grey and ductile iron castings from 200 to 15,000 lbs. Castings without pattern with Nopatech™. ,Gear blanks, sheaves, pillow blocks, siphons, dross pans, slurry pumps, coal nozzles, etc.
Formkon ApS
DIE CASTING IN MAGNESIUM, ALUMINIUM AND ZINCFormkon offers die cast components in magnesium, aluminium and zinc. Head office is situated in Denmark, with production facilities in China.,Besides...
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GMB Heavy Industries
Long Product Cooling Bed Rolling Mill Gear Boxes
Haitian International limited
sheet metal stamping parts / Injection plastic products/ machining parts / Die casting parts/ Sand casting / Gravity casting/ investing casting/ forging fabrication/wire mesh products/components etc.
Hangzhou Mingxiang Machine Manufacture Co.,Ltd
castings,investment castings,auto parts,automobile parts,machine parts,machinery parts,valves,pipe fittings,motorcycle parts,machinery components,hardware tools,etc.
Helicoil Singapore Thor International
Prototype Making ,Die Casting Audio PArts ,Die Casting Light Housing ,Furniture fittings die casting ,Casting Moto and Auto parts ,Communication and Electronics parts ,Medical Equipment parts
Hitech Metals Brass Extruded Rods India
Brass Wires ,      ,Brass Lead Free Wires             Brass Cold Heading Wire                 ...
IKD Auto Products Ltd. Co.
Die-casting , Al Die-casting and Zinc Die-casting,machining  components and assembling components
Injection Moulding Co., Ltd
injection moulding, injection mould, plastic parts, plastic injection moulding
Investment castings in China
Junying Die Casting Company Limited
Hinges, Mortise Lock, Cabinet Lock, Cam Locks, Latches, Fasteners, Hardware, Vending Machine Locks, Door Locks, Car Locks,aluminum die casting lighting part, aluminum die, casting lighting fixture,...
Junying Metal Manufacturing Co., Limited
Die Casting,Mold Making,Lock Parts,Light Fixture Parts,CNC Machining Parts
Kampakas SA
Spare Parts for Power, Mining, Metallurgy, Cement, Construction and Ship Building Industry.
Klarm CNC Machining China Company
Precision Machining Parts from China ,China Precision Machined Components Precision Machining China Company ,China Machined Parts Manufacturer ,CNC Machining Services China
Mastars Industrial Co. Ltd
Rapid prototyping (CNC machining, SLA, SLS, Vacuum casting, sheet metal) ,Tooling (Rapid, Bridge, Export, production) Injection Molding Die casting Lost wax casting
Ningbo Huayuan Casting Machinery Factory
OEM Steel Casting Parts,High Precision Die Casting Parts,carbon steel casting parts,stainless steel
Orient Mold Co.,Ltd
Mold/mould design and construction for injection molding, die casting, precise metal stamping, double injection molding, precise molding, precise tooling
Pyramids Technology Corporation
Plastics Injection Molding ,Die casting ,Stamping ,Al Extrusion ,CNC machine parts ,Assembly , 
Rapid Prototype China Factory
prototype china rapid prototype china china prototype china rapid prototype cnc prototype china china prototype manufacturing rapid prototyping services ...
  Metal rapid prototyping ,Aluminium Die Casting , Zinc Die Casting China,Magnesium Die casting , Precision Cnc Machining ,Die Casting...
The Black River Company,Inc.(Shanghai)
plastic injection,mould,tooling,mold,extrusion
The Oriental-mfg Casting Factory
>Able to specify tool life and quote the mold accordingly, from less than 50,000 shots to 80,000~100,000 shots for both die casting and gravity casting. ,Wide range of high performance die...
Titan Fastening Technologies
PowerCoil Free Running & Screw Lock Inserts, Recoil Inserts ,PowerCoil Thread Repair Kits, Recoil Kits, Helicoil Kits, V Coil Kits , PowerCoil Screw Thread Insert Tools, Recoil...
ulovalve co.,ltd.china
ball valve,gate valve,alloy ball valve,alloy gate valve
US Aluminum Castings
Vasco Industries
As an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company, we are manufacturer of components for the Electrical, Electronics, Automotive, and LPG Segment like Brass Electrical Wiring Accessories, Brass Hex Lock Nuts,...
winnington casting co.,ltd
investment casting: Stainless Steel303 / 304(L) / 316(L) / 410 / 420 / 430 / ASTM630 (17-4PH)Carbon Steel ZG25~ZG55 (ICI1020~1050) / WCB / ASTM1212,ASTM12L14 / SS1411 Low Alloy SteelZG15CrMo /...
Zhejiang Creator Components Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Yongkang Niceland Industrial & Trade Co., Ltd.
Aluminum & Zinc Die Casting, Punching & Stamping Parts, Stainless Steel Parts, Machined Hardware Parts, Moulds Making, Assembly, Value-Added Operations.
Rapid prototyping, Rapid tooling, Precision Die Casting, Precision Machinining, CNC Milling, Precision Engineering, Gear Machining, SLA & SLS (3D Printing), Vacuum Casting, Sheet Metal Forming,...
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