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Forging is a manufacturing process to form and shape an object using compressive forces and pressing the material into a die or hammering it to desired shapes. Forging is often classified according to the temperature at which it is performed: cold, warm, or hot forging. Some softer metals may be forged cold, however iron and steel are almost always hot forged.

Forging can produce a piece that is stronger than an equivalent cast or machined part. As the metal is shaped during the forging process, its internal grain deforms to follow the general shape of the part. On the other hand, forging is a more expansive manufacturing process compared to casting, extrusion, and other common processes. It requires more complicated equipments and procedures.
Common forging processes include Open-die drop forging, Impression-die drop forging, Press forging, Upset forging, Automatic hot forging, Roll forging, Net-shape and near-net-shape forging, and Induction forging.

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A1 Brass Parts Components Screws fasteners
Brass nuts Brass screws Brass parts India Jamnagar fasteners
A1 Brass Sanitary Fittings Bronze Castings Conduit Fittings Accessories Jamnagar
Jamnagar Brass Fittings is specialized in manufacturing and exporting products like Brass Cable Glands, Cable Glands Accessories, Brass Battery Terminals, Brass Cable Lugs Terminals, Brass Nuts,...
Action Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd.
Hydraulic Press, Forging Press, Metal Forming Press, Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press, Forming Press, Die Spotting Press
Anyang Forging Press Machinery
pneumatic forging hammer,hydraulic forging hammer,CNC hydraulic die forging hammer,ring rolling machine,forging manipulator
Anyang Forging Press Machinery Industry Co., Ltd
series pneumatic forging hammer, series numerical control hydraulic die forging hammer, series hydraulic forging hammer, series forging manipulator, series ring rolling machines, series hydraulic...
Anyang Forging Press Machinery Industry Co., Ltd
forging hammer, forging tools, ring rolling machine, metal scrap baling press, hydraulic riveting machine etc
Brass Electrical Components Anchor fasteners
electrical Brass components Brass Anchor fasteners Brass Nuts Brass Anchors Brass turned parts Brass components cable glands
Brass Fittings Parts Conex
Brass fittings hose fittings cable glands Brass terminals conduit fittings castings etc
  Products Brass BSP NPT Threaded InsertsBrass inserts male inserts BSP Inserts NPT Inserts Brass Threaded Inserts for PVC / CPVC / UPVC PPR Molding of Sewerage and Pipe...
Brass Nuts Inserts
Brass Hex Nuts DIN 934 Brass Bolts and Nuts Brass lock Nuts DIN 439       Brass Panel Nuts Brass Acorn Nuts Dome Nuts Brass Jam Nuts
Brass Nuts Screws fasteners
Brass inserts moulding nuts fasteners screws tube fittings conduit fittings electrical connectors
Brass Parts india
Brass screws Brass Hardware Brass fasteners Brass Terminal Blocks Brass Casting Brass hose couplings Brass terminals Battery Connectors Brass Anchors Brass Anchor fasteners Machined components Screw...
Brass Screws Fasteners
Brass PPr fittingBrass ScrewsBrass CastingNut Bolts FastenersMoulding Inserts Brass insertsBrass cable glands and enclosure fittings
Brass Manufacturers India Brass Screws Brass Parts Brass Electrical Accessories Brass Turned...
Calmet - Iron Castings Foundry, Forgings, Machined Parts, Stampings, Assemblies, Tubing
If you are thinking of iron cast exporters from India then think calmet India.We are the low cost casting supplier in China and India. ,Calmet - Iron Castings Foundry, Forgings, Machined Parts,...
Cayman International
Scaffoldings and Accessories Cuplock System Pressed Steel Fitting Drop Forged Fitting Adjustable Jacks Formwork Accessories Quick Stage System Scaffolding Props Galvanized Sheets  Spring/ Rapid...
CFS Investment Casting
investment casting ,precision casting ,Steel Casting ,aliminum casting ,iron casting
china byfine valve co.,ltd.
gate valve ,ball valve,check valve,globe valve
China Foring Machienry Co.,Ltd
Our products are mainly divided into three categories. ,The first is forging machinery, including CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer, follow-up control fully hydraulic free die forging hammer,...
metal parts, metal stamping parts, metal injection molding MIM parts, forging parts, casting parts ,CNC machined parts, turned parts, sheet metal parts, precision...
PRODUCTS Aluminium Cable Glands CW Aluminium Cable glands Armoured Cable glands BW cable glands Aluminium Electrical components Aluminium Electrical Lugs cable lugs...
Conex Stainless Steel Fittings India
Products : ,  Fasteners and Fixings Din934 Hex Nuts Stainless SteelMachined Components and Turned Parts Stainless steel CNC machined parts Turned componentsStailess Steel...
Copper Parts Copper Components
  ,  Copper Parts Copper Components offers manufactring and Exporting of following products: PRODUCTS Fasteners Copper Ferrules Copper Ferrule for Wire Ropes Copper Bolts...
Creator Forging Casting Stamping Company
Creator Forging Casting Stamping Company is specialized in forging services, offers all sorts of forged parts. These forged metal parts can be applied for agriculural field, mining field,...
Devdeep steel alloys
Eckhardt Steel & Alloys
we are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of stainless steel sheets & plates, Manganese Steel Plates, Low Alloy Steel Plates, Abrasion Resistant Plates, Corrosion Resistant Plates, High...
Fit Precision Mold Co., Ltd.
Tool/Mold Design ( CAD,CAM,CAE equipped )  Prototype Making (Silicon Soft Tooling, CNC Operation, Aluminum Tooling) Plastic Injection Molding (Including Insert /Stack Mold,...
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Haitian International limited
sheet metal stamping parts / Injection plastic products/ machining parts / Die casting parts/ Sand casting / Gravity casting/ investing casting/ forging fabrication/wire mesh products/components etc.
Hitech Metals Brass Extruded Rods India
Brass Wires ,      ,Brass Lead Free Wires             Brass Cold Heading Wire                 ...
Hsin Lien Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd.
Hydraulic PressDie Spotting PressDeep Drawing Press
Jailaxmi Casting And Alloys Pvt. Ltd.
-Carbon,Alloy,Special Steel Rolled bars ,- Carbon,Alloy,Special Steel Rolled Billets/RCS ,- Carbon,Alloy,Special Steel Concast Billets ,- Stainless Steel 410/420 Rolled Bars ,-...
Junying Metal Manufacturing Co., Limited
Die Casting,Mold Making,Lock Parts,Light Fixture Parts,CNC Machining Parts
KMMW Kfar Menachem Metal Works
Landee Pipe Fitting Supplier
Pipe Bend, Pipe Cap, Pipe Coupling, Pipe Elbow, Pipe Reducer, Pipe Stub End, Pipe Tee, Pipe Olet, Pipe Gasket, Pipe Joint, Tube Fitting
Lien Chieh Machinery Co., Ltd.
01. Hydraulic Press02. Hydraulic Presses03. Die Spotting Press04. Deep Drawing Press05. Forging Press06. Die Tryout Press07. Hemming Press08. SMC Press09. GMT Press10. Plywood Press11. Hydroforming...
Metline Industries
Stainless Steel Buttweld Fittings Manufacturer  ,2205 Duplex Pipe Fittings/Elbow, Flanges  ,Pipe Bends-Stainless Steel/Piggable Bends Manufacturer ,Copper Nickel Pipe Fittings|Elbow,...
ModalLogic IT Systems Pvt. Ltd.
In-Process Materials Movement Analysis Software (MMAS-ERP) , Timsheet Management software (TimeManager),
Nanjing best lion special steel co.,ltd
forged 42crmo4 q+t/forged steel round bars/forged s45c +N/steel round forgings/hot rolled alloy steel/hot forged round bars etc
Pioneer Forge India
we are manufacturer, supplier and expoters of stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, duplex & super duplex, high nickel alloy forged fittings, butt weld fittings, pipe fittings, flanges,...
Piyush Steel
AISI 4130 Pipe Fittings, AISI 4130 Fittings, AISI 4130 Elbow, AISI 4130 Reducer, AISI 4130 Cross, AISI 4130 Cap
Renaissance Fittings & Piping Inc
we are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of stainless steel flanges, stainless steel butt weld fittings, stainless steel pipe fittings, stainless steel forged fittings, stainless steel outlet...
ASME SA 193 Grade B7, Grade B7M, Grade B16ASTM A 193 Grade B7, Grade B7M, Grade B16ASME SA 320 Grade L7, Grade L7M, Grade L43ASTM A 320 Grade L7, Grade L7M, Grade L43ASME SA 194 Grade 2H, Grade 2HM,...
THREADED RODS / STUDS / BOLTS / NUTS / WASHERSASME SA193 Grade B7, Grade B7M, Grade B16ASTM A193 Grade B7, Grade B7M, Grade B16ASME SA320 Grade L7, Grade L7M, Grade L43ASTM A320 Grade L7, Grade L7M,...
Shijiazhuang Duwa Piping Co.,Ltd
blind flange,slip on flange,weld neck flange,lap joint flange,Pipe Fittings,Valves,Gaskets
Surya Steel & Alloys
stainless steel forged fittings, ss forged fittings, carbon steel forged fittings, alloy steel forged fittings, nickel alloy forged fittings, alloy 20 forged fittings, hastelloy forged fittings in...
The Steel Pipes Factory - Metallica
Stainless Steel Seamless Pipes - 304, 316, 321, 310S ,Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes - ASTM A106 Grade B ,Mild Steel Seamless & Welded Pipes ,Sprial Welded Pipes ,Alloy Steel Pipes - ASTM A335...
ulovalve co.,ltd.china
ball valve,gate valve,alloy ball valve,alloy gate valve
Vihas Steel and Forging
Zhejiang Creator Components Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Yongkang Niceland Industrial & Trade Co., Ltd.
Aluminum & Zinc Die Casting, Punching & Stamping Parts, Stainless Steel Parts, Machined Hardware Parts, Moulds Making, Assembly, Value-Added Operations.
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