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Absolute Pipe Roughness
Included here is a sampling of absolute pipe roughness e data taken from Binder (1973). These values are for new pipes; aged pipes typically exhibit in rise in apparent roughness. In some cases this rise can be very significant.
Pipe Material Absolute Roughness, e
x 10-6 feet micron
(unless noted)
drawn brass 5 1.5
drawn copper 5 1.5
commercial steel 150 45
wrought iron 150 45
asphalted cast iron400 120
galvanized iron 500 150
cast iron 850 260
wood stave 600 to 3000 0.2 to 0.9 mm
concrete 1000 to 10,0000.3 to 3 mm
riveted steel 3000 to 30,0000.9 to 9 mm
Relative pipe roughness is computed by dividing the absolute roughness e by the pipe diameter D,
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