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Message No. 1, Started by wuby on 12/15/99
Hi there,

Somebody told me that there is mass unit called snail. Is this a joke? I know slug so maybe snail is an extension of that. I asked around and people seem to have heard about it before so looks like it is for real.

Can someone tell me the definition of snail and better yet, a reference where I can read about this interesting unit.

Thanks in advance!
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Follow-up Messages (7)
Sorry Ninjatron, but Ogata was correct.  Here is the flaw in your math...
No. 20678, Posted by ericmichaelaustin on 07/22/09, 10:07 PST.
Ninjatron, Good catch on the factor of 12.  I'd only add a clarifica...
No. 20538, Posted by sparky_wbc on 05/05/09, 08:11 PST.
Great explaination ogata, except for a small (but very important typo):1 sl...
No. 19370, Posted by Ninjatron on 12/13/07, 10:34 PST.
It is the first e-funda topic. A very good question , and a better answer....
No. 13850, Posted by devitg on 05/06/04, 13:44 PST.
Charley, Wow, that reply was thorough! Thanks a lot for the information,...
No. 33, Posted by wuby on 01/10/00, 14:21 PST.
When I was working for Lockheed Martin, it was common to refer to mass as "...
No. 30, Posted by ogata on 01/10/00, 12:35 PST.
I have heard of the "snail" unit too, and have wondered what it's definitio...
No. 3, Posted by tony_g on 12/16/99, 10:41 PST.
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