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Message No. 10028, Started by gman535 on 11/18/02
My college is in the process of converting from AutoCAD R14 to ProEngineer.  I haven't had the chance to work with ProE yet.  Is it any better?  Or is it just cheaper?

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Very apt! Personally I think Pro-E suffers from the same problem that Autoc...
No. 10034, Posted by rorschach on 11/19/02, 14:29 PST.
Owning Pro/E is like having a Mercedes with a folding chair for a driver's ...
No. 10033, Posted by rolschwarz on 11/19/02, 11:32 PST.
Rolschwartz is too kind in describing PTC's pricing... but I digress. I hav...
No. 10031, Posted by rorschach on 11/19/02, 09:32 PST.
Better? yes. Cheaper? far from it, at least for the industry license. I ...
No. 10030, Posted by rolschwarz on 11/19/02, 06:09 PST.
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