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Message No. 10336, Started by ddelaiar on 01/10/03
So, the President just gave me a ring and is thinking about moving the production/plant area for our business and was wondering who would we call.  I told him that, with my limited knowledge (remember, I'm a ME), I'd say it would be an Industrial Engineer.  Am I correct in assuming that?

Now, with that in mind, and upon opening my mouth, I have now been given the task of finding a couple of local companies/contacts to start talking with.  Any idea of how to begin my search.  

I should have kept my mouth shut.  Like I don't have enough to do.  Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dan DeLaiarro
Mechanical Design Engineer
ellman international, inc.
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Follow-up Messages (20)
so if BS is a lubricant, is that why used car salespeople seem so slimy?
No. 10369, Posted by rorschach on 01/14/03, 19:20 PST.
No problem, we all have our pet peeves. But on the other hand, you must...
No. 10368, Posted by rorschach on 01/14/03, 19:15 PST.
Sorry, rorschach. I know you better. Just kinda close to one of my pet pe...
No. 10367, Posted by rolschwarz on 01/14/03, 14:13 PST.
I never said that experts should never be consulted, my point was that he w...
No. 10366, Posted by rorschach on 01/14/03, 13:25 PST.
A man's got to know his limitations! (If he is unsure of his limitations, ...
No. 10364, Posted by rolschwarz on 01/14/03, 09:44 PST.
Unfortunately it's kinda hard to fire the boss...... but seriously. The fac...
No. 10363, Posted by rorschach on 01/14/03, 09:26 PST.
My favorite lean production principle: fire the deadbeat no-loads!
No. 10358, Posted by rolschwarz on 01/13/03, 13:54 PST.
If you have the opportunity to redesign a line, it's a great place to incor...
No. 10356, Posted by sqbadyvr on 01/13/03, 13:46 PST.
Well, glad to hear that you enjoy your job. I do to at times. It's defini...
No. 10355, Posted by ddelaiar on 01/13/03, 11:08 PST.
I LOOOOVE my job! I love the fact that I'm paid to do something that I us...
No. 10354, Posted by rolschwarz on 01/13/03, 11:02 PST.
Hahaha....people with so few clues of how things work in the real world ris...
No. 10352, Posted by ddelaiar on 01/13/03, 08:28 PST.
I know what you mean, I often wonder how people with so few clues as to how...
No. 10350, Posted by rorschach on 01/13/03, 07:57 PST.
My boss is all about handwaving and vagueness. All he was looking for was ...
No. 10349, Posted by ddelaiar on 01/13/03, 04:55 PST.
And extending that a bit further, talk to the shop managers and even the gr...
No. 10347, Posted by rorschach on 01/12/03, 18:59 PST.
As an engineer, sometimes (usually) it falls upon me to put clear, concise ...
No. 10346, Posted by rolschwarz on 01/12/03, 08:20 PST.
The first you need is to get is : clear,consice , specs from your boss. A...
No. 10342, Posted by devitg on 01/12/03, 07:37 PST.
So, we're moving within in the same town. That's the info I have so far. ...
No. 10340, Posted by ddelaiar on 01/10/03, 09:47 PST.
We moved a machine shop to larger quarters some years ago (1987) We were...
No. 10339, Posted by rolschwarz on 01/10/03, 08:00 PST.
The funny part is, he didn't say where he'd want to move to. I actually ju...
No. 10338, Posted by ddelaiar on 01/10/03, 07:59 PST.
Dan, I know a guy that is here in houston that has been managing the manufa...
No. 10337, Posted by rorschach on 01/10/03, 07:49 PST.
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