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Message No. 10466, Started by ddelaiar on 01/30/03
So, I have a design that has a tube press fit inside a head.  The head will have a twisting motion, torque applied to it.  I'm trying to find out the max torque that can be applied that will not allow the head to spin free of the tube.

I can find the following info:

- COF between the tube and the head (depends on mat'l used)
- Diameter of tube
- Diameter of hole in head
- Material Area that the head and tube have in contact

What I'm drawing a blank on is how do I model the pressure (force that spread out over the area of contact) acting on the tube (or head) due to the press fit.

Any ideas?

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Follow-up Messages (17)
Your welcome Dan, I think I enjoyed this one as much as you did. Carryin...
No. 10541, Posted by neil moran on 02/08/03, 03:11 PST.
It all makes sense now...thanks. By the way, I did pick up on your mista...
No. 10537, Posted by ddelaiar on 02/07/03, 12:55 PST.
The circumferential strains in the copper and steel must be the same becaus...
No. 10536, Posted by neil moran on 02/07/03, 12:48 PST.
I look at it this way, to apply the 120 ft-lbs of torque required for the p...
No. 10535, Posted by rorschach on 02/07/03, 12:29 PST.
hmmm...good deal. That's a bit more torque than I was anticipating, but th...
No. 10533, Posted by ddelaiar on 02/07/03, 11:59 PST.
as to your question as to how much torque a human hand can generate, I assu...
No. 10532, Posted by rorschach on 02/07/03, 11:44 PST.
Thanks for all the help Neil, I sat down with a large cup of coffe and s...
No. 10531, Posted by ddelaiar on 02/07/03, 09:05 PST.
Hi Dan, I think we all get in a bit over our head at times, you are not ...
No. 10530, Posted by neil moran on 02/07/03, 08:55 PST.
Neil, I'm also having trouble assuring myself of what to do once I get thi...
No. 10529, Posted by ddelaiar on 02/07/03, 07:37 PST.
Neil, I finally got around to trying to digest this. Everything seems to ...
No. 10528, Posted by ddelaiar on 02/07/03, 06:35 PST.
thanks for the response. The reason I went with a press fit is because the...
No. 10516, Posted by ddelaiar on 02/05/03, 09:59 PST.
Press fit could be a good solution , but you may take some things in consid...
No. 10514, Posted by devitg on 02/05/03, 09:48 PST.
It is a bit of a mouthfull, isn't it, but the maths is pretty straightforwa...
No. 10485, Posted by neil moran on 02/01/03, 03:01 PST.
wow neil, That was great. It looks like exactly what I'm looking for. Fo...
No. 10481, Posted by ddelaiar on 01/31/03, 15:03 PST.
Hi Dan, Sorry I think I misunderstood your problem, it is the pressure b...
No. 10480, Posted by neil moran on 01/31/03, 14:23 PST.
Neil, thanks for the reply. Perhaps the way I stated the problem was uncle...
No. 10477, Posted by ddelaiar on 01/31/03, 10:24 PST.
Hi Dan, Assuming that you can (or have already) calculated the pressure ...
No. 10467, Posted by neil moran on 01/30/03, 14:08 PST.
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