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Message No. 11426, Started by acroduster1 on 06/11/03
I'm looking for a general form to calculate the warping constant (Cw, as noted in AISC's Manual of Steel Construction) for any cross-section.  If anyone can provide the background data or some reference material, I'd be much obliged...
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How to calculate Warping constant for hollow section (rectangular and pipes...
No. 23629, Posted by rakeshshanmugam on 07/20/19, 00:16 PST.
As pointed out by john99 above, in the case of general sections, there is n...
No. 20213, Posted by cquezel on 12/19/08, 05:00 PST.
Refer to Torsional Analysis of Steel Members by AISC.there are different fo...
No. 19607, Posted by kcwd on 03/24/08, 10:40 PST.
Section Properties - Notes General Availability Section properties for al...
No. 19059, Posted by wonkeb on 08/24/07, 02:53 PST.
HICan u help me in getting general formulae for calculating1. Shear Centre ...
No. 17140, Posted by satyam_es on 12/18/05, 18:47 PST.
For general geometric section it's impossible to get an analytic solution. ...
No. 17067, Posted by john99 on 11/23/05, 07:46 PST.
As is typical of Roark's, the Cw's listed are for specific cases. I'm look...
No. 11428, Posted by acroduster1 on 06/11/03, 10:02 PST.
Hi Acroduster1, Try "Roarks Formulas for Stress & strain" by Warren C Yo...
No. 11427, Posted by neil moran on 06/11/03, 08:27 PST.
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