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Message No. 12194, Started by devitg on 09/22/03
Where I can find the law that handle the way to cool or mantain a given load at a -40 °C .
The space will be insulated with polyurethane foam .

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Devitg: Surely, there are companies in Buenos Aires that supply and inst...
No. 12238, Posted by mbeychok on 09/25/03, 08:25 PST.
here's another website that looks useful here: http://www.afns.ualberta....
No. 12236, Posted by rorschach on 09/25/03, 06:27 PST.
this refrigerant looks promising for this application:
No. 12235, Posted by rorschach on 09/25/03, 05:56 PST.
here's DuPont's Suva refrigerants website:
No. 12234, Posted by rorschach on 09/25/03, 05:39 PST.
my two cent's for what they are worth, I'd shy away from using combustable ...
No. 12233, Posted by rorschach on 09/25/03, 05:35 PST.
I live in Argentina , the route to trip would cross a desert near a dead sa...
No. 12230, Posted by devitg on 09/24/03, 23:44 PST.
The temperature ranges threw me off as well. I find it hard to believe tha...
No. 12212, Posted by acroduster1 on 09/24/03, 05:26 PST.
Rorschach There is a reason why I asked Devitg what country he lived in....
No. 12208, Posted by mbeychok on 09/23/03, 16:20 PST.
Devitg, I'm by no means well versed in refrigeration design, but I would ex...
No. 12207, Posted by rorschach on 09/23/03, 14:57 PST.
Devitg: An ambient temperature of 50 to 60 °C?? What country are you...
No. 12206, Posted by mbeychok on 09/23/03, 14:56 PST.
Mbeychok: This are the facts. It is a van on a truck to transport blood...
No. 12205, Posted by devitg on 09/23/03, 12:42 PST.
Devitg: You need to give us more information. Are you talking about mai...
No. 12196, Posted by mbeychok on 09/22/03, 18:34 PST.
firstly you have to evaluate the rate at which you will lose heat from the ...
No. 12195, Posted by spike78 on 09/22/03, 17:13 PST.
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