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Message No. 12472, Started by devitg on 11/02/03
How shall it be take the calcs to know how to spread or diffuse air in a flexible duct in all its length .
The case is so.
Air to handle 20 meter cubic/minute.
aviable static pressure 25 mm water columm
The duct its located at 2,80 meter heigth , and the area to be cooled is about 1,20  meter from floor.
The temperature diference will be about 5 to 7 centigrade degree
A 300 mm (1Ft) diameter polyethilene film 150 micrometer thick , will be used as a DUCT .
The holes will be from the 4 to 8 hours location .

This system try to replace the ventilation socks made from textile fabric.

My concern is how to calc the hole diameters and it´s pitch so te air speed over the area is no more than 15 meter minute.
I need to lower the temperature with out chilling efect.

Hope it is clear , any further info will be given if needed
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