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Message No. 12923, Started by rstone on 12/30/03
I was exploring other areas of engineering over the net when I encountered a very good question:

Will the online degree replace the traditional university degree with regards to engineering? There are several online degrees available now from places, including engineering masters degrees.

Here is what I see as the limitations of such a degree now:

1) Lack of hands-on classes, such as labs
2) Lack of name recognition bias (would you hire a grad of an online university or an established brick and mortar university)
3) Exam proctoring. Would all the exams now be open book?
4) Accreditation issues.

I have had experience in something like this:
   I was in vietnam getting combat pay and kept up with my schooling. -- when I got back home it only took me 2 years to complete my degree because a Military school is widely accepted. Most of my classes were done through tapes or when possible in class on base. The concept has been around for a long time. Just not like it is now -- "On-Line" ---

In My Opinion: I don't think this type of degree will ever be accepted in the work place for professionals.  DO YOU?
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No. 12928, Posted by rstone on 12/31/03, 04:26 PST.
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