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Message No. 13032, Started by gerdb on 01/18/04
Does anyone agree that it is merely bad attitude of humans that causes us to forego the use of atomic power for peaceful power production ? Like fear of bad management causing failure and disaster? Some absolute jerk in the chain of command?

If not, why DO we forgo the economic rewards of cheap and environmentally friendly electric power from atomic power plants?

When I was young, we envisioned abundant, cheap electric energy, to cheap to bother to measure and charge for it.

When we WILL use atomic power in the future, what WILL have changed other than our bad attitude?

Does anyone feel safe enough in his job to discuss this?

I am retired now, so I don't want to be reckless. I know fear rules the economy, besides competition.

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Follow-up Messages (18)
very true: did you ever notice how we humans are set up againste each ot...
No. 13067, Posted by gerdb on 01/22/04, 02:37 PST.
Looking down at the world from orbit, i would have to admit that more ...
No. 13066, Posted by booster on 01/21/04, 22:05 PST.
One issue about NG: many chemical plants use NG either in their process, o...
No. 13060, Posted by acroduster1 on 01/21/04, 05:13 PST.
try this story from the Houston Chronicle:
No. 13058, Posted by rorschach on 01/21/04, 04:28 PST.
There ya go, again, gerd! You want knowledge without study.
No. 13056, Posted by rolschwarz on 01/20/04, 16:36 PST.
Are there any good websites to keep informed about energy in general withou...
No. 13055, Posted by gerdb on 01/20/04, 15:34 PST.
not true! WE HAVE LOTS! The problem is that until relatively recently it wa...
No. 13052, Posted by rorschach on 01/20/04, 11:04 PST. see natural gas update, we have too little NG ...
No. 13049, Posted by gerdb on 01/20/04, 10:00 PST.
I too would rather live next to a nuke plant than MANY other kinds of plant...
No. 13048, Posted by rorschach on 01/20/04, 08:42 PST.
I had an interesting discussion today with our quality engineer. He has wo...
No. 13047, Posted by rolschwarz on 01/20/04, 08:07 PST.
"There isn't any more rivers left to dam to generate more hydroelectric pow...
No. 13044, Posted by gerdb on 01/19/04, 15:32 PST.
The simple fact of the matter is that something like 25% of the US's power ...
No. 13043, Posted by rorschach on 01/19/04, 13:54 PST.
rolschwarz, I appreciate where you are coming from on the safety issue. And...
No. 13042, Posted by rorschach on 01/19/04, 12:36 PST.
I do have some inside knowledge of nuclear power, that obtained from U.S. N...
No. 13041, Posted by rolschwarz on 01/19/04, 11:31 PST.
Probably the most powerful objections surrounding the generation of nuclear...
No. 13040, Posted by fulcrum on 01/19/04, 09:32 PST.
The basic problem with nuclear power is that humans as a whole are too stup...
No. 13039, Posted by rolschwarz on 01/19/04, 08:04 PST.
I believe the big issue is one of fear. Mostly unfounded ones. After all th...
No. 13038, Posted by rorschach on 01/19/04, 05:51 PST.
This is going to be controversial. I think most people have an opinion, bu...
No. 13033, Posted by b1ueshift on 01/18/04, 23:08 PST.
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