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Message No. 13171, Started by devitg on 02/07/04
to get the round equivalent of a rectangular duct , the following equation is used.

d= 1.3 *  (a *b) ^ 0.625 / (a +b) ^0.25  
d: diameter
a: rectangle side
b: the other side

My question is how it can be write it to get the B , knowing D an A.??

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Follow-up Messages (2)
Hi Acroduster1 , it what I was looking for. As I can see you know a lot ...
No. 13185, Posted by devitg on 02/09/04, 13:54 PST.
It's not a linear relationship, so you'll have to do it by iterative means....
No. 13180, Posted by acroduster1 on 02/09/04, 06:46 PST.
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