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Message No. 13950, Started by seanevans00 on 05/24/04
I require help in finding suitable paper for a special viscosity silver type paint. I have trialled Laboratory type, and many others with no success.
The important requirements are:
-Non fibrous
-High Absorption Level
-Resistance to deformation under heat conditions (100C)
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We also offer PP Filter cloth Fabric for different uses too
No. 22521, Posted by ropubuke on 06/14/16, 23:13 PST.
thank you for information filter paper is most important for some organizat...
No. 22518, Posted by ropubuke on 06/10/16, 23:16 PST.
consider using stainless steel dutch twill mesh at the micron size you need...
No. 13953, Posted by rorschach on 05/24/04, 06:50 PST.
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