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Message No. 13961, Started by travis on 05/25/04
Just to go ahead and give you an idea that I had thought of starting a website on, but I know I would never have the time to keep it up. Why not have a section on your site, where all of us engineers pool together completed design calculation sheets that we have all done to a "design pool" I geuss you could call it. This is where design calculation sheets have every step (good detail, labeled, references if possible, you get the idea) in solving all sorts of types of engineering problems, (the ones that everyone have done, or will do) common things, and maybe not so common design calcs, what ever you care to share with your brothers and sisters here at efunda. My point here is to provide a place for all of us members to colaborate our design calculations together, a clean, organized, grouped by topic, folder system that will allow us to go and find procedures in finding solutions to problems "seesaw board deflection" for instance located under "beam calc sheets" this would have every steps used in solving to get the board deflection on the seesaw (hence the name of the topic - seesaw board deflection), this could be used in several other applications, substituting materials, loads and shapes for the board. It could be for anything, this way we can go to our one stop place for engineering info data, and we can share, speed up all of our design times, and provide a go to place for old design calcs we have all done, and have forgotten the steps to, or have missplaced. These sheets can have a user rating system maybe, a quality control checked or not checked system, based on whether the sheet has been verified by you guys (efunda). I just thought of this, and wondered if it would be a good Idea. It may save you guys a little typing on these forums on redundant questions, and provide all of us a direct go to place for our problem solving needs. It is more orginized, and could make use of .pdf documents if needed or something (just spouting off ideas). Just a thought, trying to push the bar on helpful design tools. I know this would be a great orginization tool for me, and would provide me a "non-software required" solution to file reoccuring design calcualtions and their steps in solving for the solutions.

Just an idea to look into, (one other would be a spell check for these things, my spelling is horrible sometimes :) )

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Follow-up Messages (16)
Nice ideas,Travis. you have initiated a very valuable topic. but I don't ...
No. 14014, Posted by antony thomas on 06/02/04, 00:11 PST.
Nice idea!! I am with you, add my page
No. 13992, Posted by valasai on 05/27/04, 09:51 PST.
I have to fall in with Rstone and Acroduster on this, I think a user suppor...
No. 13987, Posted by rorschach on 05/26/04, 14:15 PST.
I agree, good idea. See guys this is what I was talking about. Taking ideas...
No. 13984, Posted by travis on 05/26/04, 12:43 PST.
I agree you with 100% on this. This is what I mainly was refering to. A spr...
No. 13982, Posted by travis on 05/26/04, 12:37 PST.
I agree with 100% on this. This is what I mainly was refering to. A spreads...
No. 13981, Posted by travis on 05/26/04, 12:37 PST.
Thanks for the feedback. I'll have to shoot you guys other ideas in the fut...
No. 13980, Posted by travis on 05/26/04, 12:28 PST.
Travis, I didn't mean to step on your toes and get you offended. I think t...
No. 13977, Posted by ddelaiar on 05/26/04, 08:10 PST.
Very good couple a cents indeed.... I have gathered so many spread sheets, ...
No. 13974, Posted by rstone on 05/26/04, 05:41 PST.
My coupla pennies: The way registration for an engineer works in the U.S...
No. 13973, Posted by acroduster1 on 05/26/04, 05:10 PST.
Thanks for the honest reply, not a "get off the forum with that idea" appro...
No. 13971, Posted by travis on 05/25/04, 13:52 PST.
Travis; Don't think these guys are coming down too hard on you man. As ...
No. 13970, Posted by rstone on 05/25/04, 13:32 PST.
You guys are shooting my idea balloon down pretty quick. First of all I'm n...
No. 13968, Posted by travis on 05/25/04, 12:20 PST.
rolschwarz, you live in Australia, right ? Here in America it only take...
No. 13967, Posted by gerdb on 05/25/04, 12:16 PST.
Do get real! Even most "canned" engineering solutions are too complex to b...
No. 13966, Posted by rolschwarz on 05/25/04, 10:58 PST.
While in theory, I think this is a good idea, I really hope this site doesn...
No. 13963, Posted by ddelaiar on 05/25/04, 09:13 PST.
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