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Message No. 14, Started by r.muk on 01/05/00
Hello Dr. Funda.

What is a good gear design software package we could buy & deploy amongst  our engineers here?  WinNT as well as xNIX o/s based software is OK.

The applications are primarily spur gears, to DIN and AGMA conventions, but there would be some spiral, helical bevel gear design needs occasionally.

Regards   ..   Mukundan
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Follow-up Messages (12)
Tools to expand your gear analysis capability ....   GearWinTool...
No. 22481, Posted by celong81 on 01/01/16, 07:58 PST.
Have a look at for some decent gear design software; if you ne...
No. 21918, Posted by pfeinstein on 11/17/12, 13:16 PST.
Hello Justin,    The GearWin software package is no longer a...
No. 19879, Posted by celong81 on 07/11/08, 18:04 PST.
Bob;      Looking through the GearWin users guide ...
No. 19867, Posted by justaguy on 07/02/08, 14:24 PST.
I would be interested.  Can you supply further info? Thanks!Bob&n...
No. 19861, Posted by rotorkusa on 06/30/08, 07:04 PST.
Mukundan,     I recently found a free gear design packa...
No. 19058, Posted by justaguy on 08/23/07, 18:46 PST.
why dont u try TK solver or check , but i have used tk2 60-050 ...
No. 18984, Posted by atulparab on 08/03/07, 11:05 PST.
Web Gear Services Ltd. provides the worlds leading excel based gear design ...
No. 17993, Posted by WGS on 09/23/06, 08:27 PST.
Have a look at KissSoft. It is fairly comprehensive. BGA also do a packag...
No. 11606, Posted by id3317 on 07/08/03, 02:45 PST.
Which Kide of 3D platform do u use?if u use UGS ,there is a pakage named ...
No. 8440, Posted by liuliu on 01/15/02, 21:59 PST.
Hello UTS has been delivering software solutions to the gear industry for ...
No. 16, Posted by tkguy on 01/06/00, 15:02 PST.
Hi Mukundan: Thanks for your inquiry. Take a look at these web sites ...
No. 15, Posted by francis on 01/06/00, 10:51 PST.
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