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Message No. 14150, Started by smog on 06/21/04
What are Fire Safe Valves? Where are they used? How do they differ from normal Valves?

Where can I get details about Fire Safe Valves?


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Fire safe valves are designed in such a way that, in case of a fire inside ...
No. 21902, Posted by pfeinstein on 11/16/12, 14:31 PST.
Fire safe valves are special valves used in applications where in case of a...
No. 14876, Posted by ceceo on 11/11/04, 01:14 PST.
Try looking at Essex Fluid Controls.
No. 14213, Posted by billdean on 07/01/04, 07:51 PST.
such as seals made of graphite filled PTFE or PEEK?
No. 14212, Posted by rorschach on 07/01/04, 06:32 PST.
Dear Friend, There are certain fluids which has a tendency to p...
No. 14210, Posted by anandathirthan_r on 06/30/04, 20:49 PST.
as say itself , they are FIRE SAFE VALVES" , so they can work under fire wi...
No. 14166, Posted by devitg on 06/23/04, 17:25 PST.
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