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Message No. 14203, Started by devitg on 06/30/04
Please see this link .

There is other "continuous motion device" and it have it picture to see

What do you think about??????
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one other point. your assertion that only 1 in 5 patents make someone mo...
No. 14224, Posted by rorschach on 07/02/04, 07:45 PST.
don't take this as a slight to your dad or his co-workers, it is most defin...
No. 14223, Posted by rorschach on 07/02/04, 07:37 PST.
All what a person , can think , once it could be done.
No. 14220, Posted by devitg on 07/01/04, 18:24 PST.
My father is a patent agent and prolific inventor (go to http://www.uspto.g...
No. 14219, Posted by rolschwarz on 07/01/04, 18:11 PST.
more like a higher bank account balance than personal IQ.
No. 14218, Posted by rorschach on 07/01/04, 18:00 PST.
No. 14217, Posted by devitg on 07/01/04, 16:34 PST.
I wonder why somebody would spend the money to patent such an invention. P...
No. 14216, Posted by b1ueshift on 07/01/04, 15:51 PST.
Just a high-friction flywheel
No. 14215, Posted by rolschwarz on 07/01/04, 10:56 PST.
I suspect the author has been dipping into his "medicinal" marijuana a litt...
No. 14211, Posted by rorschach on 07/01/04, 06:07 PST.
it is a good discussion theme. The author say that it help movement , not ...
No. 14209, Posted by devitg on 06/30/04, 18:56 PST.
I'm not sure what this device is supposed to do. The author says it needs ...
No. 14207, Posted by b1ueshift on 06/30/04, 16:52 PST.
I just want to see the look on his face when he tips the top part over and ...
No. 14206, Posted by acroduster1 on 06/30/04, 15:37 PST.
The Museum of Unworkable Devices
No. 14204, Posted by rolschwarz on 06/30/04, 11:05 PST.
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