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Message No. 14419, Started by chandrans on 08/14/04
can someone explain me by a simple
example why gd&t should be used.

is gd&t a new technique for dimensioning
and tolerancing? why it was invented?
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Follow-up Messages (5)
Here is a great resource. What is GD&T Geoometric Dimensioning and Tol...
No. 22550, Posted by gd&t_consultant on 11/01/16, 19:27 PST.
In the US, it is ANSI/ASME Y14.xM-1994 series, where for the actual toleran...
No. 14458, Posted by rorschach on 08/22/04, 10:32 PST.
thanks which standard handles gd&t?
No. 14448, Posted by chandrans on 08/19/04, 10:30 PST.
GD&T has been around in one form or fashion since the mid 40's. it's purpos...
No. 14423, Posted by rorschach on 08/15/04, 19:24 PST.
please see the following searc result
No. 14422, Posted by devitg on 08/14/04, 17:59 PST.
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