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Message No. 14768, Started by samingale on 10/19/04
Can anybody give me proof for : Opening or loosening torque of screw/bold is always less than the tightening torque. Why this is so? What is the theory behind it?  I want mathematical proof.

Thanks for answer in advance.
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See example 8.1 in Shigley & Mischke  5th edition.
No. 22619, Posted by tibbits on 06/14/17, 10:23 PST.
Well said, b1ueshift. That leads me to quote my favorite saying about engi...
No. 14803, Posted by acroduster1 on 10/25/04, 11:06 PST.
The value of a mathematical model is in the accuracy of predicting real wor...
No. 14800, Posted by b1ueshift on 10/24/04, 19:30 PST.
Please consider standard condition i.e. no corrosion, no imperfections in g...
No. 14798, Posted by samingale on 10/22/04, 20:15 PST.
not only can the be galling as blueshift pointed out, but after being in se...
No. 14785, Posted by rorschach on 10/21/04, 06:33 PST.
In my experience, loosening torque is not always less than tightening torqu...
No. 14780, Posted by b1ueshift on 10/20/04, 16:05 PST.
There are two main forces at work here: Axial tension along the bolt, and t...
No. 14778, Posted by tdAlpha on 10/20/04, 15:09 PST.
the mathematical answer would have to lie along those lines: while tight...
No. 14772, Posted by gerdb on 10/19/04, 15:42 PST.
also, if the assembly is subjected to vibration or thermal cycling, the fas...
No. 14771, Posted by rorschach on 10/19/04, 05:54 PST.
Over time, practically all materials relax a little. When you tighten the ...
No. 14769, Posted by acroduster1 on 10/19/04, 03:48 PST.
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